YP MyBook

While Yellow Pages advertising might not be a priority for your local business, MyBook is an interesting new service from YP that may make the YellowPages service more valuable. YP MyBook allows local consumers to save, organize, and personalize their favorite small businesses. Individual MyBook records can then be shared through SMS, email, Facebook, Google+ and Twitter with friends and family. In this way, MyBook is a social sharing tool. Below, we’ll explain how MyBook works, and why it has potential for local businesses like yours.

What is YP MyBook?

MyBook is both a mobile application and a feature on YP.com. On either platform, users are able to group their favorite local business contacts into groups such as “Vacation Ideas”, “Home Improvement”, and “Date Night”. Users are then able to share their groups, which makes it “easy to spread the word about favorite local businesses.” Consumers can also access featured collections of businesses, such as Best Hotels in New York City.

Local consumers using theYP MyBook feature can share a friend’s groups to their own MyBook, and YP even pre-loaded the mobile application with celebrity lists and local favorites at launch.

How Does it Work?

MyBook is a cloud-based application like Gmail and Facebook, so a user’s information is constantly updated and accessible across the mobile app and website. Essentially, MyBook allows users to organize and save a list of local businesses for review and retrieval across any device. This is especially important, as MyBook allows users to personalize the information that they wish to store. So for example, a user can create a note about a pricing estimate they received from Gary’s Framing Shop. MyBook also automatically displays updated business contact information by keeping tabs on changes made to individual YellowPage listings.

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Why is YP MyBook Important for Local Businesses?

Just as Yelp’s partnership with Yahoo and Mapquest made it more important that you claim and update your business’ information on Yelp, MyBook makes it more important that your YellowPages listing is correct. MyBook is an appealing platform with a growing user base of two million people, so it is entirely possible that it’s influence will grow quickly.

Given MyBook’s feature list, it is possible that it can develop into a consumer relationship management platform for small business owners. According to Screenwerk’s Greg Sterling, “One can imagine opt-in push notifications tied to saved businesses so that it could become a CRM-style communications channel for local businesses. I could also imagine a range of other push capabilities tied in”. It is therefore easy to see how the service may allow for some sort of messaging platform, similar to Yelp’s new features, where consumers and businesses are able to message each other and build a relationship before or after they engage with each other offline.