What are the Benefits of Local Advertising on Mobile Apps?

If you’ve ever downloaded a mobile app, say a game of Solitaire, Pandora Radio or The Weather Channel, you’ve no doubt seen advertisements while using the game or service.  Where do these advertisements come from, and why is this a form of marketing you should consider for your local business?

Mobile Advertising, Now Available For Local Businesses!

Typically mobile app marketers have concentrated their efforts on large business chains and brands for advertising sales, since ads on a popular game or service tend to go at a premium and featuring one big campaign across various apps  is easier logistically.  That doesn’t mean you can’t get in on the fun with your local business, however.  There are increasingly new ways for local advertising on mobile apps.

Due to the creation of large advertising networks that combine the inventory of thousands of mobile apps, local businesses can now access local news, sports and weather apps through single platforms.  The type of services out there range between self-service solutions that require you to upload your own images and copy and monitor the performance and automated software platforms that leverage existing content to build and optimize mobile advertising campaigns for you.  An important aspect that you should consider when comparing alternatives is the level of targeting in terms of locations and type of mobile apps where your business will be featured.

Advantages of Advertising on Local Mobile Apps

Local mobile apps are just that; local.  Users are accessing them to check the weather, news, sports, entertainment and more that’s going in in their geographic area.  Local businesses can not only target the user’s location, but their interests.  A lawn care company might target a local user that downloads an app to check on sports scores, while a local carwash might do the same for a local weather app.  If someone uses an app to locate local Hindu temples, they might see an advertisement for a nearby Indian restaurant.  The possibilities are endless and the costs are surprisingly reasonable.

With U.S. consumers spending an average of 2 hours and 38 minutes on their smartphones and tablets every day, Google is predicting that mobile marketing will outperform all other forms of advertising as early as next year.  Since 80 percent of that time is spent using an app of one sort or another, it just makes sense for businesses everywhere to take advantage of this powerful marketing tool.  Local mobile app marketing makes it possible and cost effective for even small businesses to get in on the action.