In our guest post series, we’ll be bringing you advice and tips from industry experts on the other, sometimes non-marketing-related issues affecting local business owners. Today’s post comes from Robert Ravensbergen, Content Marketer and Digital Communications Specialist at Agendize.

Everyday there’s some newfangled software that purports to make it “easy”, “efficient” or even “fun” to manage and grow your business. Ultimately most of these implementations take time, energy, and don’t often show you the quick returns yours small-but-fast-moving business needs to make a name for itself.

However, Online Scheduling’s track record has proven to be wildly different from that grow your business using online schedulingunfortunate norm. Not only does 24/7 Online Booking often mean as much as 40% more appointments for businesses, but it also leads to as much as 75% time save on managing appointments, an 80% reduction in no-shows, and the elimination of double-bookings. With Online Scheduling, a few simple features make keeping your business organized easy – this on top of giving your clients a natural and intuitive way to book appointments in seconds.

Say No-No to No-Shows with Automated Reminders

For any business based on services and appointments, missed rendezvous can not only represent lost revenue for your business, but the missed opportunity to schedule a client for that time who would have actually shown up. To prevent this before it becomes a problem, businesses make sure to notify their clients repeatedly in advance of appointments, often calling them multiple times right up to the appointment in question in order to make sure customers arrive on time.

One of the biggest ways Online Scheduling can help bring more efficiency to your business is by cutting these tedious calls and reminders out, automating them via SMS and Email messages. With these in effect, you not only reduce your no-shows by 80% by reminding clients of their bookings through those most intimate of digital touchpoints, but you also go a long way to saving time managing appointments, allowing your business to devote more energy to its actual products, services and customer service!

Calendar Sync and Real-Time Availabilities

Online Scheduling not only automates reminders and makes appointments more efficient once they’re booked, but also allows customers to book online and get real-time availabilities for your business, so you never have to compare hours and find a time that works for you and your customer.

With Calendar Sync through organizational tools like Google Calendar, Windows Live Calendar and more, you can ensure that you’re updated on every appointment booked online in real time. What’s more, with 2-way synchronization, you can also block of periods for existing appointments in your schedule. This means your business always offers its customers real-time availabilities when booking online, maximizing the efficiency of your schedule all without you needing to make constant decisions.

CRM Sync and Customer Outreach

Further efficiencies can be added to your customer relationships with Online Scheduling Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 2.07.06 PMCRM synchronizations. In synchronizing with a cloud CRM, you can automatically update your client profiles with the new appointments they book, or have new client and lead profiles instantly created from new client bookings on your platform.

Furthermore, Online Scheduling offers another avenue to collect the emails and phone numbers you need for Email and SMS Marketing. This makes scheduling a great add-on to products just like Signpost, and further gives you better intelligence on your customer history and how your CRM can better target marketing offers your customers will love!

Zapier Integration and the Apps You Love

Online Scheduling offers many ways to improve a business’s efficiency, and while standard integrations allow you to do almost everything, sometimes a little bit more is needed to accommodate every kind of workflow. That’s why Online Scheduling with Zapier integration is crucial, particularly for freelancers and solo entrepreneurs who use scheduling to make their work more efficient and take full advantage of synchronous web apps like Trello, Google Docs, DropBox, Wufoo and more.

Taken in total, the ability to integrate scheduling with other apps crucial to your business represent the future of organizational efficiency. Businesses can always earn more money, but they can never get lost time back, and they certainly can’t regain the lost productivity lost time represents. What’s more, when clients are further able to schedule quickly and be served promptly, both their satisfaction and that of your staff can improve tremendously.

So, in considering Online Scheduling, don’t just think about the convenience your business can offer clients who want to book online – think about the way these appointments can automate your business activity, and make you, your business and your life more efficient! For more on how much Online Scheduling can do for you, check out Agendize Online Appointment Scheduling today!

Content Marketer at Agendize


Robert Ravensbergen is a Content Marketer and Digital Communications Specialist at Agendize, a leader in Online Scheduling and Customer Engagement. When not learning and writing about B2B technology, he loves working out, biking, and reading dead Irish poets.