We want to give you an idea of the people on the Signpost team and highlight those helping local businesses stand out online and get new customers into their businesses. This post is by Pamela Jacobson who is one of the many skillful writers on our marketing team that creates the local advertising campaigns for our merchants.

Have you noticed?  There are hundreds if not thousands of different websites, mobile apps and other local advertising services to promote your business. We realize it’s becoming increasingly difficult for a business owner to know which one will bring the best results for their advertising dollar.

Apart from the obvious financial savings realized in choosing Signpost, and the fact that we provide you access to most of these publishers through one simple account, there’s another thing you should know that sets us apart from all the others, a little thing we like to call the Signpost Difference:  We get you.

Before we place your campaign on any of our top-tier publisher partners, we take the time to get to know you.  We talk to you and better understand your business and advertising objectives.  We look through your website to find out what it is about your business that you’re particularly proud of.  We scour different review sites to see what your customers are saying about you, and what it is they like about your business.  We research the service you’re offering, and what it entails.  We look for photos – of your business, your décor, your customers, even your neighborhood.

We do all of this because we want to give a positive, yet accurate representation of who you are and what differentiates you from your competitors.  It is our ‘integrity with a smile.’

We know you’re not making a profit by selling a bunch of discounted services.  Your real goal is to bring in new customers who will come back again and again, and that’s our goal as well.  We don’t want to send someone who’s looking for a ritzy hair salon to a mom and pop barber shop, and vice versa.

If a picture paints a thousand words, then it’s also true that a few well-chosen words can paint a picture.  And by painting a very clear picture – taken in a positive light, of your business and your services, we appeal to the customers who are looking for exactly what you have to offer.

So you won’t find a bunch of schmaltzy, impersonal and irrelevant creative writing on Signpost.  We’re not trying to show off how clever we can be.  We want to put you in the spotlight so that your customers can find you.  They get the experience they’re expecting, you get repeat business and everybody’s happy.  That’s the Signpost Difference!