Is there such a thing as a perfect hire? Hiring at a startup is both an art and a science. Most agree that hiring is the most important job of any startup CEO. We’ve had pretty excellent luck in this department recently: since January we’ve hired three new engineers, brought on our first product manager, and continued to build out our internal sales and account management team with A-players. But the most exciting and important hire on our minds right now is a daunting one: Vice President of Revenue. And we’re looking to make a perfect hire.

Recruiting for such a crucial role is a challenge, to say the least. We have a clear picture of this person in our minds — sort of a collective dream — and we won’t be able to settle for anything less than a “company maker.” At Signpost, we follow Joel Spolsky’s strict approach to recruiting: “if you can’t tell, that means no hire.” If a candidate is good, but not as great as our dream hire, no hire. Our ideal VP of Revenue is a rare and special breed: a natural leader with both analytical prowess and sales DNA. Since this person will own our revenue strategy and manage our fast-growing internal and external sales force, we need someone scrappy, ambitious, innovative, and results-oriented. We’re really looking for a revenue engineer, an expert at constructing goals and hitting targets.

At the end of the day, the true challenge lies in finding a candidate with these rockstar qualifications who also fits in seamlessly with our team. We’re proud of the culture we’ve created and are looking for someone who will not only appreciate but add to it, someone who believes in our product as fanatically as we do. We’re looking for a colleague we’re excited to sit next to everyday, have a beer with, and share in our victories. At Signpost, we’re driven by our mission to find new and better ways to help small business owners succeed, and it pays off: dollar-for-dollar, Signpost already drives more impressions, clicks, and purchases than any other major platform. Our VP of Revenue has a chance to make an enormous impact on not just our top line but the local space as a whole. We believe it’s an extraordinary opportunity for the right person.

We can’t wait to find this critical missing piece to the Signpost puzzle and we’re determined to find the perfect hire. Is it you? Is it someone you know? Drop us a line.