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Promoting Your Salon: 12 Tips for Salon Marketing

Starting a business isn’t easy.  It requires large investments in time, money and your opportunity cost of working elsewhere. With crowded markets, fickle customers and new challenges to face every single day, it’s a daily grind that requires proper planning… Continue Reading →

Optimizing Your Campaign With the Website Widget

As an Account Manager, I am always helping our merchants to get the most value out of the Signpost platform. The Merchant Center offers several tools to help drive more exposure to your Signpost campaign–one hidden gem of the Tools… Continue Reading →

Getting the Most Out of Your Newsletter

As a business owner it is essential to bring in new clients on a steady basis. Once you attain these customers you need to convert them to loyal consumers that will continue coming back and refer you to their social… Continue Reading →

Integrating Signpost with Facebook

As a local business owner, you’re constantly looking for ways to increase traffic for your business and to your business. As the digital world continues to advance, social media platforms have become integrated into many business’s marketing strategies as a… Continue Reading →