Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 3.44.42 PMWhen it comes to the digital age, boutique marketing agencies actually have the leg-up against larger, more traditional firms. That’s because boutique agencies usually have much more agility in adapting to technological advances and new consumer expectations. As Michael Litman, a senior social strategist told Mashable, it’s like comparing “an oil tanker to a small dinghy”– though perhaps less safe or established, a small dinghy is much easier to move.

Below are some digital-savvy strategies boutique marketing agencies can encourage their clients to use to help them flourish in the digital space:

1. Digital Footprint Monitoring

While consumers don’t expect brands to monitor their social media around the clock, they do expect immediate responses to customer inquiries. A business should try its best to respond to a customer within 24 hours of that customer posting.

There are several technological tools that can help automate some of this monitoring. Signpost, for example, uses email remarketing that prompts a business’s customers to leave feedback and put positive reviews up online.

2. Automate Word-of-Mouth

Perhaps unsurprisingly, people trust recommendations from friends, family, and peers more than any type of advertising or marketing. In the digital age, this trust extends to forums like Google+, and Yelp, where consumers are constantly reading and writing reviews for products and services.

A good word of mouth marketing campaign has been known to generate exponential sales and growth for brands. Direct your clients to a marketing automation platform like Signpost, which can send automated referral offers to a business’s best customers, prompting word-of-mouth marketing that generates loyalty and new customers.

3. Aggregate Your Clients’ Most Important Asset.

Your clients’ most important asset is their customers. So, encourage them to make use of a CRM system, which can compile all of their customers’ data in one centralized location and provide them with useful analytic tools. A CRM like Salesforce may be much more expensive and complex than necessary for the needs of the average SMB, so look to solutions like Signpost, which are streamlined, highly automated, and all encompassing.

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