5 Mistakes SMB Owners Make in Email RemarketingThese mistakes are common among local businesses, but make sure it isn’t you falling into these traps. Avoiding these mistakes will help you make the most of your time, and will result in more effective email remarketing. It is crucial to set yourself up for success, as this marketing technique can and will help you build your business. Furthermore, it is an easy way to keep clients engaged. Everyone knows it is easier to keep a customer than to find a new one, so follow these tips and watch your biz grow!

1) Not Setting Goals

Without goals there is really no way of tracking progress.  Make sure you know exactly what you want to get out of email remarketing, otherwise it will probably not go as well. Also, know why you are sending these emails, and what your audience is expecting out of it. Good goals would be to grow your list by a certain amount, increase your open rate by a certain amount, or get a certain amount of business back from these emails.

2) Buying a List

It seems obvious that buying a list would not be a good idea, but it happens all the time. Local businesses need to know that only an engaged consumer of their product is going to want to open and read that email, so your list of contacts should be YOURS. Having a fresh contact list that you built will translate into more people reading your emails and eventually more people making a purchase with you. Without an engaged and relevant audience, email remarketing becomes a pretty ineffective way of driving business through your door. Make sure the contacts on your list are customers or potential customers, and, most importantly, that they have opted-in.

3) Not Knowing the Audience

Who is on your contact list? Are these new consumers that have come in 1 time, or are they seasoned regulars? Furthermore, why did these people give you their email? If they are expecting coupons, make sure that coupons are what you are sending them. If they aren’t fresh contacts, your open rate may go down. By keeping your contact list fresh, you can make sure you are engaging recent customers, increasing your chances of a higher open rate. Remember, consumers expected something in return for giving you their email. Did they want specials? Newsletters? Tips? Make sure you know exactly what they want so you can make your emails both interesting and effective.  

4) Attaching PDF Documents

Attaching a PDF to an email is a surefire way to decrease your actual read rate. Sure, people may open your email, but most of the time they won’t want take the time needed to download the PDF. This also may cause some spam filters to filter out your email, another way to become less effective in your efforts.

5) Not Tracking Progress

You should definitely be tracking your open rate and other measurements in order to quantify your success. Your time as a business owner is very valuable, and by tracking your progress you will know for sure that you are using your time wisely through email remarketing. This will be a good way for you to celebrate wins as a business owner when you see how much your business has grown, or maybe create an incentive for yourself when you reach certain goals. Treating yourself or your employees is a fun way to celebrate these wins!

Local Marketing Mistakes

In conclusion, email remarketing is a great tool for business owners to build their business and increase repeat purchases by customers. Creating brand loyalty will be the result of this, so its important to follow these guidelines to make your campaigns as effective as they can be. Happy emailing!