This is the inaugural edition of a quarterly update on our progress for employees, customers and partners.

Signpost is off to a tremendous start in 2018. This year we’ve already helped thousands of small businesses create over 5.5 million customer profiles, receive 61,000 five-star reviews and realize 149,000 new customer and loyalty conversions. In Q1 Signpost performed ahead of plan on all key metrics, grew revenue substantially and improved our gross margin and operating income quarter-over-quarter.

In January Signpost released a transformative self serve wizard that allows customers to create accounts in minutes and get their first reviews and customers within days. This feature exceeded expectations–over 92% of our customers engage with self-serve to create their accounts. Mia, our marketing assistant, has now collected over 49M consumer profiles within the US. Armed with data, Mia is smarter than ever, and even better at automatically sending the perfect message at the right time.

Signpost believes small businesses deserve to win. We built our smart CRM to help businesses, like American Color Labs, grow revenue through better reviews, new customers, and loyalty. American Color Labs signed up with Signpost late last year. Since then, our technology has created 3,600 new consumer profiles, generated 81 five-star reviews and drove 51 new customer conversions.

Here’s what Andrew Mondi, the owner of American Color Labs, had to say:

“Signpost is a rock solid platform that engages our existing clients and validates our quality and service for new clients. We went from less than 10 reviews on Google to more than 60 positive reviews in three months. We now have a perfect rating and a flood of new customers. Mia is totally automated, easy to use and consumes hardly any of my time. She automatically created profiles on 3,700 consumers and already converted 50 new customers. Signpost is straightforward, transparent, and goes above and beyond.”

There’s a lot more to come this quarter. Signpost will continue our investment in self-serve as a complement to our outbound sales model. We’re developing a new payments product that will delight our customers, improve campaign attribution, and enhance Mia’s ability to personalize every email and text message. We’ll continue to improve Mia’s marketing talents through data analysis and machine learning. And we’re expanding our team in all offices.

I’m excited for the year ahead!