Signpost Local Marketing Software Case Study | Automotive: Fox Rent A Car

Fox Rent A Car Multi-Location Search Marketing With Signpost To Get Found By Local Consumers And Travelers On The Go

Signpost works with thousands of small and medium sized local businesses across the country that each have their own story. We will share them here on our blog. This post reviews the story of Fox Rent A Car with locations across the US and beyond.

Tell me a little bit about your business?
Fox Rent A Car is a premium deep-value car rental agency with over 60 locations around the globe. Founded 25 years ago in Los Angeles by three college friends, FOX continues to expand into new locations and territories with a focus on offering great value and no-frills, simple to use services. Fox also offers a wide array of vehicles in the FOX Choice program, which allows the renter to choose the car from the available fleet at the rental location. With over 1,500 members of staff, FOX remains committed to customer service through it’s ‘Unlimited Smileage’ program. Fox offers websites in English and Spanish, and has a mobile version of the site.

How do you promote your services?
Historically, FOX has relied on online marketing like paid search, SEO and social media to promote FOX programs, products, services, sales and events. This requires extensive coordination and management by our marketing team. Fox also uses it’s database of 1M FOX rewards members to promote offers and events. In 2014, it’s become increasingly important to focus on local search and mobile search programs to reach our customers due to the nature of our travel business. It’s important to get this foundation of presence and conversion taken care of to enhance any other online marketing efforts.

How does Signpost fit your marketing strategy?
Signpost has helped us in optimizing our local search program and strategy, which in turn not only improves our search conversion, but also improves our customer experience and engagement metrics. With Signpost, we know our local information is correct and is managed where our customers are actually searching for information about our business or locations. We started off using the Signpost local marketing software for a few locations, but after seeing success have expanded this to many more. We’ve been approached by competitors, but like to build out our relationship with Signpost as it works.

At Signpost, one of our core values is “Signpost fights for small businesses”. How have you experienced this so far?
Our Signpost reps and staff have been very responsive to assistance, inquiries and are quick to offer advice on how to improve our listings or local search performance.