Dr. Jennifer K. Akagi-Oliveira, DDS Offer Patients a Warm Dentist Practice Which Starts Online With A Similar Welcoming Web Presence and Patient Engagement

Signpost works with thousands of small and medium sized local businesses across the country that each have their own story. We will share them here on our blog. This post reviews the story of Dr. Jennifer K. Akagi-Oliveira, DDS in Los Angeles, CA.

Tell us a little bit about your business Dr. Jennifer K. Akagi-Oliveira, DDS.
Dr. Jennifer K. Akagi-Oliveira, DDS is a Cosmetic Dentistry in Santa Monica. The mission has always been to offer a dental practice that is professional and welcoming; one where patients come to grow as part of the family. This combination of skill and compassion is something that also characterizes our staff and the way we care for our patients health and smile. Online reviews by patients show that they experience and appreciate this approach. Finally, two other important aspects of our practice are the fact that we use the latest technology and equipment for our dental services and emphasize continued education of our staff as the field of dentistry evolves.

How do you promote your services?
An important source of new patients are insurance listings. People who learn about us this way cross reference us on sites like Yelp and Yahoo so it’s essential for me to have the best online presence possible. They also search Google so it’s important that my website and online profiles show up high in the search results.

Search visibility is important to us. We’ve worked with an online marketing company that built our website and did other SEO projects to get us ranked higher. Unfortunately this was a disappointment which left us with a bad investment and the need to do a lot of the online presence management ourselves up until we started working with Signpost.

We’ve also done some daily deal experiments but this didn’t result in the quality patients that we’d hoped for and fit best with the family approach at our dental practice.

How does Signpost fit your marketing strategy?
Signpost has been great for us because after the previous disappointment, you helped clean up my online listings. I can’t wait to do the same with my Google profile. I recently also changed my name and logo, and you made it easy for me to update this across the web. This is both important as patients look for me there and helpful as I don’t have the time to do this.
So through these listings patients have found and engaged with our practice. Additionally, your offers have been effective in attracting local patients as well as capture email addresses of those interested but not yet ready to come in.

At Signpost, one of our core values is “Signpost fights for small businesses”. How have you experienced this so far?
Your help and attention to my account has been great. When we needed the help to update our online presence we were happy to have found Signpost fighting for our business.