Signpost Case Study: Mr. Steam Carpet and Home CleaningMr. Steam Carpet and Home Cleaning, Neuroscience Undergrad turned Local Business Owner Gets on the Map with Signpost

Signpost works with thousands of small and medium sized local businesses across the country that each have their own story. We will share them here on our blog. This post reviews the story of Mr. Steam Carpet and Home Cleaning in Corona, CA.

1. Tell us a little bit about Mr. Steam Carpet and Home Cleaning.

Mr. Steam Carpet and Home Cleaning came into life in 2000. At the time, I was a neuroscience undergrad at UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles) and living in LA was incredibly pricey. My parents couldn’t really support me as much as they wished they could and I had a couple of friends in my fraternity that were in the same boat. One thing lead to another and we decided to invest in a carpet cleaning service.

Ultimately, we settled on carpet cleaning because I had some previous experience working with my cousin in Arizona who runs his own carpet cleaning business. I enjoyed the work and to me, it seemed like a born element in a home or commercial building to have clean floors.

At the beginning, it was very tough. I had no time between school and work, but fortunately, as the company grew, things got a lot easier and we wound up attracting an investor (Gary) who wanted to work out a partnership – in hindsight, our continued success wouldn’t have been possible without him. Thanks Gary!

We specialize carpet, floor, and upholstery cleaning and since then we’ve expanded our services to water and fire damage restoration.

2. How do you promote your services?

When we first started out, all of our marketing efforts were chosen in an attempt to get our brand more recognition online, something that would bring us closer to the first page on Google. To accomplish that, we tried traditional marketing where everything was on paper, including newspaper articles, brochures, and other tangible items. When that didn’t work, we refocused our efforts online.

  • Google Adwords
  • Thumbtack
  • LivingSocial
  • GroupOn
  • Amazon Merchant
  • Yelp

We tried it all. For us, Google Adwords was the least successful. It didn’t really bring any kind of business, and when we first signed up, we had the impression that it was much more automated because you would get charged cost per click, but it turned out to be much more involved and overall it wasn’t very effective.

3. How does Signpost fit your marketing strategy?

Signpost has been an incredible asset for us. From the get-go, dealing with the sales rep, the future that Signpost offered was enticing and it didn’t disappoint. The updated online directories and how you could access every single online directory from the merchant dashboard was a huge bonus. It is very convenient having everything in a single platform.

Signpost has definitely made our brand more recognizable. Since signing up, we became more popular on YelpFacebook and our listings moved from the 7th page on Google to the 3rd (maybe even the 2nd page, I’d have to check). That’s not even the end of it, we’ve started getting a lot of inquiries regarding the automated re-marketing emails that Signpost sends out on our behalf.

4. At Signpost, one of our core values is “Signpost fights for small businesses.” How have you experienced this so far?

Honestly, it’s been really amazing. The customer service has consistently been excellent every time I’ve had to interact with someone. Everyone I talk to is extremely knowledgeable, helpful, and if I have a question or need something changed, within 24 hours I’ll get an email saying everything has been fixed. It’s so simple and so easy.