The Signpost NYC staff was out in force over the weekend in order to promote school pride and lend a helping hand at Creston Academy in The Bronx.

Publicolor Colage


Our staff was matched with pupils from Creston, as well as other students from NY schools in the Publicolor program, which offers scholarships, mentoring and hands-on beautification at New York Schools in need through volunteer days such as this.

Publicolor’s mission is to fight back at the alarming dropout rate in NYC schools, which ultimately leads to a cycle of poverty. Publicolor believes that one can fundamentally improve students’ attitudes and engagement by improving their learning environments. Since 1996, Publicolor has used color, collaboration, design, and the discipline of the commercial painting to engage at-risk students in their education, targeting the most underserved communities, most underperforming schools and most seriously disadvantaged middle and high school students.

Last year, 94% of the 12,000 Publicolor students graduated high school on time (compared to 42% of their peers) and 94% went to college. We were thrilled to contribute and blown away by the work ethic and attitude of the Creston students and Publicolor representatives.