Move over, omnichannel, innovative brands are seeing great returns from customer-centric commerce approaches that prioritize consumers’ evolving buying preferences. With over 95% of consumers reporting they frequently or occasionally shop from both a brand’s website and in-store, there’s an urgency to be with them throughout every stage of their journey, and give customers the option of transacting in the method and form of their choosingIn our latest report, we explore the ways in which online and offline are merging, and what innovative brands can do to provide best-in-class customer-led experiences.

Download the free, 27-page report to learn:

  • How the customer journey has evolved, including the intersection between showrooming and webrooming
  • What traditional etailers are doing to create unique, physical experiences
  • The merging lines of offline and online including smart enabled dressing rooms, kiosks, and mobile, and real time inventory and location
  • How to achieve this powerful customer-first approach by adopting a hybrid model including:
    • Improved clienteling tools and POS systems
    • Format differentiation, including Showrooms, Microstores, Flagships and Popups
    • Artificial intelligence and deep learning
    • Augmented reality

Customer-led experiences