While most of the country is wondering how another Tax Day is already upon us, accounting professionals are focusing on the finish line after another marathon season. During this time, taxpayers flock to the professionals who can ease their IRS-inspired anxiety, and help them navigate the overwhelming complexity of tax laws. However, after April most people are all too eager to forget about it until next year.

With a comprehensive outreach, engagement, and promotion strategy you can position your practice for success for the remainder of the year. With targeted promotions, accountants can keep their services on the top of their prospects’ minds, beyond April 15th.

Email and SMS Marketing Campaigns

  1. Make it a family affair. Send the new clients you acquired during this tax season an exclusive package or discounted rates for additional individuals in their family (or a friend!) for next year. This can be positioned as a thank-you note for utilizing your firm’s services during this tax filing, with a bonus offer to express your appreciation. This also helps to punctuate an already-satisfying experience with your business,Tax Day Promotions planting the seeds for future retainment of your services. Pro Tip: Try adding a CTA at the bottom of the email to convert more referrals. Despite 83% of customers reporting they’d refer friends and family to a business following a positive experience, only 29% actually do. It’s astounding how many businesses miss out on increased revenue because they simply forget to ask current clients to refer friends and family. This method allows them to forward the offer to other members of their family (or friends). Not only does this spread awareness of your business, but also allows you to collect additional leads (and emails!), growing your subscription lists in order to market to them in the future.
  2. Create engaging campaigns using incentives. Reclaim the dreaded Tax Day by adding some fun spins. Try raffling off a prize of either a trendy gift you purchase (like an Apple Watch or Amazon Echo), or a certificate for free future services, which will ensure they come back. You can encourage early filings by giving out double tickets, for those submitted prior to February 1st. Or, give them a coupon for services outside of tax filings.
  3. Demystify convoluted tax concepts by leveraging educational content to demonstrate your proficiencies. One advantage of your area of expertise is the complexity, which leads a majority of people to find it confusing and intimidating. You probably get a lot of questions from clients and find yourself explaining the same concepts over and over again. Answer or explain these concepts in blog posts, or even better, short videos that will help provide valuable resources to an audience with varying competency on the topic. Once you have created a thematic series, you can turn it into a drip campaign to nurture your clients until they need your services next. This could also help generate new leads, who subscribe to your content, while also showcasing your skill and commitment to helping clients conquer the tough tax quandaries.

Make a great impression with a pristine digital reputation

  1. Make sure that your website is up to date, and presents your business as you’d like others to view it. It should showcase your expertise, professionalism and range of services. Beyond the overall look and feel, it should also be intuitive to navigate for potential clients, who want to easily find whatever information they’re looking for. Clearly post your contact information (phone number and email contact), as well as location, hours etc.
  2. At the conclusion of tax season, run a campaign to drive more 5-star reviews across third-party sites that your audience frequents, such as Yelp or Google. It’s important to drive these reviews while your services and results are still fresh, so they can include any relevant details or information. Over the course of the year,  people will be heading to these sites to determine their best options are for reliable, accounting professionals. They’ll be looking for social proof in order to reinforce they’re making an informed decision. Focusing on this will help ensure your practice is the easy choice. Pro Tip: Signpost’s Mia does this, automatically, all year round to ensure that your reputation is in top form whenever customers are looking for accountants or tax practices in your area. The average Signpost customer enjoys a 1.8 star increase!
  3. When you do receive a great review, reach out and ask if you can use it for a testimonial on your site. That will help persuade customers who are landing on your site through a search engine and might be looking for reassurance of your dedication to quality. Similarly, you can reach out to current or recent clients to request they provide a testimonial for your site. Details on the types of services can be helpful for prospective clients, who can easily put themselves in the shoes of your happy clients. It allows them to visualize their desired effect, and feel comfortable moving forward with your firm.

Good luck finishing out the remainder of tax season – you’re in the home stretch! To find out how Mia can help you stay connected to clients in order to build better relationships and increase revenue, schedule a demo today!