August is Cleaning Services Month here on the Signpost Local Marketing Blog! We’ll be surfacing insights and strategies specifically for marketing your cleaning service and driving more new and repeat business. 

Not a cleaning professional? Don’t worry, we’ll still be sharing insights that will help you to promote  your local business, acquire new customers, and encourage loyalty. Want your industry to be the next featured month? Drop us a line, and let us know!

ways to market cleaning business

No matter what type of cleaning business you own, it’s essential to make sure your local marketing efforts are just as pristine as services you provide. While delivering quality service is an important first step, there are many other tactics you can incorporate or automate in your routine that will allow you to get more new and repeat business.

The importance of a modern, optimized website cannot be understated. On the technical side it should have fast load times and be mobile responsive, so that no matter where they come across your site, potential customers are guaranteed a great experience. Make sure you have buttons and links to your reviews on third-party sites like Yelp, Angie’s List, etc., as well as any social networks where your business has a presence, so they can choose to engage with you there, or find out more about your business from current clients. You should also have your business hours, contact information and pricing clearly displayed and consistent across all pages on your site. Your customers don’t want to have to search hard to find the answers to their questions, so provide as much info as possible. Because if your pricing isn’t clearly listed or requires a phone call, most consumers will move on to the next business on their list (or search results), rather than waste any additional time and effort. You should also include contact forms, whether for more information requests or a free estimate, these capture lead information so you can add them to your email marketing lists and increase their chances of conversion. Finally, include quotes or testimonials from current clients to boost conversions.

Claim your Yelp (and other third-party review sites) profile, and monitor your reviews. Engage in online reputation management strategy to encourage more stellar 5-star reviews, and read up on best practices for responding to critical or negative reviews.  Yelp estimates that on average a business can gain up to $8,000 in additional annual revenue, with a free profile on the site, alone. Identify the sites that make the most sense, and be sure to create robust profiles that showcase what sets your cleaning business apart from your competitors.

Beyond review sites, also devote time to adding your company to numerous online directories that your potential customers might be using to aid in their search. Make sure that you list your info consistently across all of these to get the best SEO-bump.

There’s always something new to learn. This industry is constantly evolving, whether utilizing recent innovations in technology or sustainability, so do your best to stay current. Read up on health risks and steps with different materials, and keep an eye out for any special requests you get from current customers. Continue to refine your services, offerings and improve your craft. Subscribe to trade magazines, attend conferences or networking events and encourage your suppliers to keep you updated on all the latest innovations! This can even expand into your managerial, financial, marketing or other business-related items that all go into owning and operating a business

On a similar note, research and join applicable trade organizations or associations. These can help provide access and discounts to resources, training, or education on latest industry trends. Also explore getting involved in other groups in your community, such as the local Chamber of Commerce.

Create systems and proceduralize your approach, so that you can replicate it, scale and grow. Your approach and methodology is a big part of what sets your business apart from others in the space. It will also ensure consistency, that your customers (and you as a business owner) can count on. Think about every facet of your business, including booking, staffing, quality assurance, customer service, marketing, management, etc.

Live up to the trust customers place in you. Many times in this industry they’re inviting you in to their private spaces, whether their home, office or automobile. Treat it like your own, and ensure that your employees take this heart. While people might understand that accidents happen, replacing broken or damaged items can be costly, and broken trust is even harder to fix.

Embrace digital management systems and CRM’s. While it might be tempting to remain in your comfort zone and handle all scheduling, payment processing, and more, manually, the sooner you can implement these scalable, digital, and automated solutions into place, the better. Increasing retention rates by 5% can increase profits up to 95%, so it’s important to invest in setting up these systems early on, so you can stay focused on building lasting relationships with your customers that will also improve your bottom line.

Set a dress code or get staff uniforms. You want to make sure all representatives of your company show up looking professional and presentable and that they evoke an image of tidiness in their appearance. Make sure to plan ahead for crews doing multiple jobs in a row, and have some extra uniforms on-hand, in case there’s any mishaps during earlier jobs.

Don’t sell yourself short, or undercharge. This can be one of the toughest lessons to learn, especially if you’re just starting out and facing steep competition from other businesses that are already ingrained in the community. While it’s strategic to test different types of incentives and new customer discounts, take care not to offer anything that could be crippling to your business. These deep discounts (or deals sites!) attract bargain-hunters who seldom give repeat business when it means paying full price. Deliver quality work, and don’t be afraid to charge a fair price for it. Make sure your staff is well versed on the ways that your business delivers quality over the competition, so they will be armed with easy talking points if they encounter pushback on the pricing.

Keep your employees motivated and happy! They are the face of your business for many of your customers. And your success relies upon the work they do on behalf of your business, every day. Think of creative ways to keep them satisfied, such as employee of the month contests, bonuses, etc. But also make them accountable when the results are not as intended. Clearly set and explain goals, standards and processes and make sure that your team is all on the same page and working towards the same results.

Similarly, use feedback responses to periodically check in on your customers’ satisfaction. Use these to identify your advocates and turn some glowing feedback into testimonials. You can also use these to determine what services they’d like you to offer, so you can determine additional “upsells” or offerings, and assess the demand prior to testing a new revenue stream. This helps you keep a finger to the pulse of your business’s day-to-day operations and customer satisfaction. It will allow you to gain feedback on employee’s performance, the quality of work and also gives you a direct line of conversation with those who were disappointed, frustrated or upset over their service. These are the clients you would have otherwise lost, but now have a chance to find a resolution and win them back.

Find the market that makes the most sense for your business’s approach and model. Stick to what you’re good at. Don’t be afraid to narrow the net you cast, but focus on ways to sustainably provide consistent and superior service. This may mean letting go of larger corporate jobs that require a large staff and resources, in order to double down on residential jobs, for example. Dig into your data to see what makes the most sense for the health of your business, and where your best opportunity lies.