How Best to Use Postcards for Local Business Marketing

For local business marketing, postcards present a simple, low cost, effective method of getting your message out to your target demographic. Because you can send them to selected neighborhoods, they present a perfect opportunity to meet your neighbors. You can also send them to your own business mailing list, or purchase a mailing list created around selected metrics such as income, purchase history, household demographics, etc.

Since postcards don’t have to be opened, they’re much more likely to be read than other types of mail, and since they’re small and don’t need to be clipped out, they’re also more likely to be slipped into a purse or posted to a refrigerator as a reminder to attend an event, make an appointment, or redeem a coupon.

What are some of the best ways to use postcards? Postcards can be used as reminders, notices of sales or special events, coupons or discounts, invitations, tickets, and more.

Reminder Notices

Postcards are a popular choice for dentist marketing campaigns, and dentists often use them as reminders to get semi-annual checkups. Other types of businesses may use them as a reminder when a service contract is about to expire, filters need changing, pet vaccinations are due, auto servicing is recommended, a membership needs to be renewed – the possibilities are extensive.

Sales and Special Events

Having a sale or a special event is a great way to nurture existing customer relationships, but also to entice new customers to check out your goods and services. Create a bright, colorful postcard with a brief, concise message that will immediately let the recipient know what it’s all about. The bigger the sale or event, the better ROI you will get from your printing and mailing expenses.

Coupons or Discounts

Coupons are fantastic for chiropractor marketing, with an offer of a free evaluation, X-ray, or massage. By turning your postcard into a coupon, you’ll be able to create your own mailing list from every postcard that is returned to you. Just be sure to include an expiration date so that you’re not getting them back months or even years later.


Throwing a special holiday party for your preferred customers? Postcards are an inexpensive form of invitation that can be dressed up to have a very exclusive feel. And like the coupon postcard, you’ll have solid analytics on which customers respond to your mailing.


Postcards can be used as admission tickets, for performances, movies, carnivals, VIP tents at airshows, your business’ box at sporting events, and so much more. Again, as the postcard must be surrendered, you’ll get instant analytics on your rate of return.

Make Your Postcards Exciting

To ensure your postcard gets noticed, make it colorful and attractive, and come up with a clever headline. Don’t clutter it up with too much text; remember, you’re generating a lead, not closing the sale. Use the back side to draw attention with colorful art and graphics, and put your basic message on the side with the address and postage. Be sure to include contact information so the customer can call if they have questions.

Local Marketing Mistakes

With today’s technology, four-color printing is much more affordable, and there are many online companies that make creating and mailing postcards a snap, right from your desktop. So when you’re putting together your local business marketing campaign, don’t forget to consider postcards!