By now you’re probably sick of being reminded that SMS marketing has an engagement rate eight times greater than email marketing. But did you know that 43% of customers are more likely to make a purchase when mobile offers are part of a multi-channel campaign? With an opportunity to increase your bottom line, text message marketing cannot be ignored.  And, given the number of people glued to their smartphones, it’s no wonder why this and other mobile marketing trends made it to our 2016 Local Marketing Trends Playbook.

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As with any marketing strategy, it’s essential to track the results of all efforts so that you can gain more insight into the process and make better decisions in the future. Optimizing SMS Marketing CampaignsText message marketing is no different, and it’s important to analyze your campaigns so that you can keep your finger to the pulse of your business’s lifeblood—generating new and repeat customers. By measuring the following metrics from your SMS marketing, you can move towards a better strategy for your marketing communications.

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Opt-in Rate:

When you’re growing your SMS list, it’s important to have patience. It’s a very different beast than your email list, and people tend to opt-in at smaller, slower rates. Ensure that these continue to trickle in by positioning subscriptions as the only way to gain access to exclusive news and discounts. You can get more ideas on how to incentivize signups, by checking out this entire post we dedicated to the subject (and this one, too!). You can expect to have a list that is 2%-10% of your current email subscribers.  So, as long as you fall within this group, you’re in good shape and can start working towards getting results.

Offer Redemption

A common application for text message marketing lists is the distribution of special discounts, access to events and offers. This metric is a strong indicator of the overall goal: to drive customers to make a purchase. It’s also a great litmus test for the type of offers you’re providing and also the engagement of your list in general. You should shoot for between 12%-15% redemption rates. As a reminder, Signpost automatically tracks and displays the number of offers redeemed, so you can easily keep track of this vital metric.
If your rates are below this benchmark, make sure that they’re not generic offers that are being extended through other mediums (email or social), and are unique so they feel exclusive to those VIP’s on your SMS list.

Click-Through Rate (CTR)

If you’re including links to spice up the type of content you’re sending customers, make sure to use a link shortener. This not only looks nicer and less overwhelming, it also reclaims precious character space (remember you’re limited to 160 characters!). Even better, many tools, like bitly, track the number of clicks they get, so you can easily measure your results. The average CTR for SMS marketing is 36%.  So, whether you’re utilizing your SMS blasts to drive traffic to videos, site, social pages, or more, be sure to keep an eye on the CTR.


When it comes to subscriber lists, churn, though unfortunate, is often unavoidable. People lose interest for a variety of reasons, and so it’s normal to have a few, here and there. However, monitor these numbers, because it’s important to know what’s normal for your business and your lists so that you can diagnose when there’s a problem. If your unsubscribe number spikes following a particular blast, be sure to audit the message to determine what could have prompted the mass action. This number should never should be more than 2-3%. So, if you’re seeing a lot of people opting-out, be sure to review these common mistakes.