Consumers have come to expect businesses to personalize communications so they are kept informed on the products and services they’re interested in, on their terms. The more information you have about the preferences of your prospects and customers, the better equipped your business will be in delivering superior experiences that keep them delighted and returning. It’s essential to establish a complete picture of customer insights, which is why Mia already captures data on calls, emails, text messages, and transactions. However, another vital source of such intel are the appointments customers book at your business, which reveal the kind of services they’re interested in, and when they prefer to have them administered. Such data can inform segmentations and campaigns that are tailored to their interests, and can predictably convert to purchases at advanced rates.

This information is critical, which is why we’re thrilled to announce that Mia is now able to capture and action data from appointments! For MINDBODY customers, Mia will start populating contacts from the scheduling software provider within 24 hours. If you’re using another software do not worry, we’ll be adding support for more scheduling systems in the coming months, so please check back or let us know which one you’d like to become available next!

More data means Mia’s getting even smarter

Currently, Mia draws on a immense database of over 450M data points, across 45M U.S. consumers. With every interaction and passing day she continues to get smarter and more precise, which increases her ability to predict the most powerful messages and campaigns to motivate local customers. With appointments data she can better orchestrate her advanced targeting based on timing. She is currently able to capture the data of the date of the appointment, and when available, even the time and duration of the appointment, ensuring she sends follow ups at the perfect moment.

How it works

To ensure that Mia can access this data, simply check your notification settings in MINDBODY and enable email notifications for new appointments. These notifications must be sent to an email address currently synced to your Signpost account. You can set filters and labels as necessary, but be sure that they are in the inbox, and not in the trash or archive. Reach out to your account manager with any questions!
To view the data captured for appointments, simply filter in the Merchant Dashboard: