The most vital asset to any marketing strategy is your customer list. After all, what would your marketing efforts look like without anyone to send promotions, product updates and other relevant, actionable communications? Even as the industry continues to evolve, email and SMS marketing remain vital marketing mainstays, with a proven, time-tested ROI. Even advanced technologies at the forefront of innovation, like artificial intelligence, depend on raw data to drive the engine.

Customer Acquisition via IVR and SMS marketingFor Mia, your customer contact list is the fuel that powers her marketing operations. This is one reason why she places an emphasis on collecting information to create such detailed customer records. In fact, Mia grows these lists by an average of 8% every month! While Mia does this, automatically, with anyone that calls or emails your business, by engaging in additional customer acquisition efforts, you can double down on the growth of your lists and pave the way for increased revenues. We’re excited to announce tools that will aid in your customer acquisition and lead generation efforts.

Coming Soon: Interactive Voice Response Opt-ins

This new feature is a powerful way to automatically collect more contacts for your SMS list.

Why we built it: 64% of all consumers are likely to have a positive perception of a company that offers texting as a channel, and the value of text marketing is undeniable with an engagement rate of nearly 8x higher than email marketing! It’s clear that this is a channel worth investing in, especially as it continues to mature. Additionally, this is another way to help take the burden off of busy business owners who cannot answer every phone call they receive. Call tracking allows Mia to collect info to create customer profiles, and IVR goes one step further in increasing engagement and data capture. It allows you to attend to the full lifecycle of these leads, whether they’re new or a prospect you’re driving down the funnel to convert into a customer.

Here’s how it works: With IVR for your business, you record a short custom message that will play at the beginning of incoming calls, greeting and prompting customers to join your text list. Customers can then choose to opt-in, after which the call will connect as normal.

Printed SMS Opt-In Signs

Ensure your customers are opting-in to your SMS list by displaying one of our custom SMS marketing signs in-store!

Why we built it: Again, text message marketing is one of the most effective marketing strategies a business can employ. McKinsey & Co. found customers acquired through email marketing spend 17% more, on average, on purchases. Increased visibility into a business’s opt-in process means that more customers will join your lists, and improve your ability to market to them in future campaigns.

How it works: These signs include your SMS marketing opt-in shortcode, so that customers can opt-in while they’re perusing your products, waiting in line, or looking to get more information at your business location. Current Signpost customers can contact their Account Manager, or order the sign directly via this link.

Coming Soon: Contact Self-Upload

Self-upload contacts to your list directly to the merchant center, and have the option to add customers to your segmented lists.

Why we built it: We’re always working to improve current features, and self-upload empowers businesses to update their merchant centers on demand, without delay. This allows you to ensure your customer lists and segmentations are always current, which positions you for continued success!

How it works: Don’t worry — as always, Mia will continue to collect new contacts automatically, and you can always rely on your account manager for help uploading if you need it. But self-upload will save time and provide you with more flexibility if you prefer to manage, directly.

Digital Advertising

Promote your offers to a wider audience and generate new leads for your list with our Digital Advertising packages. 

Why we built it: Advertising both on search engines (like Google), or on your favorite social media platforms (e.g. Facebook) can provide your business with valuable prospects who are actively seeking the solution that your business provides. When managed correctly, such matchmaking can supply you with hot leads who are more likely to convert. However, targeting is very complex so setting up these vital parameters can be tricky and mistakes are often costly. With so many different fields, filters and demographics to take into consideration, let the experts on our Customer Success team manage these efforts for you!

How it works: A Success Manager on our team will discuss your goals to tailor campaigns to your business’s needs and ensure they stay on track for the duration. They’ll ensure that you’re reaching the right audience of potential customers with the most relevant info or offers. Best of all, once these leads are generated they are automatically added to your Merchant Center so that Mia can begin driving deeper relationships with them immediately to secure increased ROI. Get in touch with your Account Manager, or complete this inquiry to get started with digital advertising, today!

While there are plenty of additional tactics businesses can use to grow their customer lists (including checking out our post on the subject for more ideas on how to do this organically), digital advertising can be a great way to jumpstart lead generation.