Today we’re excited to announce three powerful new features to the Signpost platform to help you start the new year on the right note: Custom Campaigns, SMS Marketing, and Testimonials. As always, these product updates will help you to maintain stronger relationships with your customers, which ultimately results in more outcomes for your local business!

So what exactly do these features do?

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Custom Campaigns:


With the addition of Custom Campaigns, Signpost users can now create custom newsletters and other free form emails with our easy-to-use templates. You can even add images and customize your call to action button!

The options of what you can send are endless, but below are a few great suggestions to help you get started.

You could:

  1. announce an up-coming in-store event
  2. announce a new product line or service offering
  3. announce a change of address or phone number
  4. encourage customers to buy gift cards
  5. encourage customers to join your SMS marketing list
  6. share a list of recent reviews or testimonials
  7. promote a landing page or your website

and the list goes on!

Email MarketingThis provides users with added flexibility and customization. Super busy? Signpost will keep running automated campaigns in the background without the need for you to lift a finger. Have a spare moment to focus on your marketing? Signpost now gives you the option to quickly and easily create more customized campaigns, allowing you to better personalize your marketing efforts and promote your business’s brand. Best of all, Signpost tracks and displays the results of your announcement emails in the merchant center, so you can effectively evaluate and compare outcomes.

SMS Marketing:

Automated email has long been at the core of Signpost’s platform, and now with the additionSMS Marketing of SMS Marketing, all of the power of Signpost’s automated email campaigns will be available through text messaging as well. Just as with email, once a month Signpost will automatically follow-up by text message with customers who have opted-in to your SMS list, asking for feedback, reviews, referrals, and more.

With SMS marketing in your arsenal, your business will be at the cutting edge of
contemporary marketing strategies
. Not only is mobile usage growing rapidly, with 64% of consumers reporting they have made a purchase as a result of a mobile message, it has also been cited as being 8x more effective than email in getting messages across. For more information and ideas on how to best leverage your SMS marketing campaigns, you can read our blog post on building your SMS marketing list here.

Testimonials Page:

Customer Testimonials

Finally, with the addition of the Testimonials Page, Signpost users can collect all of the valuable feedback Signpost’s CRM drives into one centralized, shareable place. Signpost automatically creates a page for each user’s business and populates it with testimonials generated through the customer email & SMS prompts. Signpost users then have the option to choose which testimonials appear on the page. This page is a great way to aid in gaining organic traffic and generating the ever-elusive and important positive word of mouth: you can share it with prospects, link to it from your website, add it to your email signature, post it on social media and more! And don’t forget to include a link in the next email newsletter you send out!

All together, these three features make Signpost, and subsequently your business’s marketing efforts, more powerful than ever. Not a Signpost user yet? Schedule a demo today to get started using these features and more in our all-in-one platform!