We’re happy to announce that the ability to add a contact to more than one list or segment in custom campaigns is now available! As customer expectations continue to evolve and expand, personalization remains more powerful than ever.

segmentation for increased personalization

With increased competition for consumers’ attention across an ever-expanding array of channels and formats, it can be difficult to cut through all the noise. It makes sense that consumers have grown weary of brands who continue to miss the mark by pushing out communications that have nothing to do with the products or services they’ve expressed interest in. It’s no surprise then that personalized emails deliver six times higher transaction rates, but despite that increase in ROI, 70% of brands still fail to use them.

There are many instances in which you may choose to include a contact on more than one list. For example, a current customer might be interested in both landscaping services in the summer and driveway snow plowing in the winter, equally, and should receive any offers pertaining to either of those offerings. This flexibility will maximize the impact of your promotions and offers.

These tailored messages not only generate more engagement, but they also avoid the negative affiliations with your business that can come from large, generic blasts promoting services or products of little interest to the recipient. 74% of consumers get frustrated when they receive offers or promotions that have nothing to do with their interests.

How it works

After logging into your Signpost account, go to the Contacts tab, simply click the “Manage Lists” arrow, and select “Create a New List”. After a list has been created, you can select each contact that you’d like to add to it, and then click the “Actions” arrow and select “Add to List”.

Currently, each contact can be added to a maximum of 5 lists. This helps prevent oversending to any individual customer, which can be irritating and result in them unsubscribing from all contacts.

Note: The last list a contact is added to becomes their primary or default list for Mia’s automatic, AI-driven emails.

Please reach out to your account manager with any questions! Happy segmenting!