Hi Everyone! Another month has flown by and May brings us our third edition of the Signpost Monthly News Roundup. We’ve pulled together a great list of articles providing updates and advice for the small business owner.


This month’s focus is the internet and things you can do to ensure your online practices are on track. Your website and reviews are the first place your customers are going and you need to be there too! From simply choosing the right name for your business, to having a mobile-friendly website, there is always something that you can do to further establish your online presence. Regardless of your size, the internet is fair-game for all businesses to reach new customers, stay in touch with current ones and showcase any new products or services. 

Below you will find some great lists of tips and advice from this month’s news. We hope that you find some of these useful and bring it back to your business. 

Enjoy and be sure to check back next month!

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