Mia automated marketing

Last month Mia was born. You might have read about it in some leading media outlets, but now that she’s arrived, we wanted to introduce you to her ourselves. Drum roll, please…

Mia is the world’s first artificially intelligent marketing assistant, and she enables you to connect with customers in a new way. Collecting emails, phone numbers and purchase information for your previous, current and future customers,  Mia creates robust profiles that allow her to keep track of their activity, preferences and behaviors.

Best of all, this data empowers Mia to automatically send the perfect messages to the right customers at the right time to keep them engaged and your business top-of-mind. These targeted emails and text messages drive feedback, testimonials, 5-star reviews, customer loyalty and referrals. All without having to lift a finger!

With data on more than 16 million US consumers across more than 6,000 Signpost customers, Mia is continuously learning and identifying new patterns that allow her to optimize your marketing efforts. She bridges a particularly tricky gap for all those without an advanced degree in data science or the budget for exorbitant analytical tools, but who still want to reap the benefits of a data-driven approach to customer acquisition and retention. Mia is constantly honing her skills and reporting the results, so you can rest assured that she’s working hard to deliver the best outcomes for your business’s bottom line.

Find out how Mia can drive outcomes for your business, today!