Benefits of Scheduling Software for Local BusinessJudging by a good many negative reviews by disgruntled Yelpers, scheduling is an often overlooked yet key factor in determining the outcome of a customer experience. Complaints range from being unable to reach someone to schedule an appointment or change an existing one to having one’s appointment mysteriously vanish into thin air. Small business owners are understandably reluctant to pay for an extra employee simply to handle scheduling, yet scheduling snafus can wreak havoc with your customer retention efforts.

Fortunately, there are many good scheduling software programs that can help local business owners with this onerous burden. By using an online scheduling platform, you can cut down on customer phone calls and reduce your front desk workload. As an added benefit, many of these programs also collect useful data about your customers that can be utilized for future marketing campaigns.

What are the Benefits of Scheduling Software for My Local Business?

Scheduling software allows a local business to:

  • Reduce scheduling mistakes, decreasing revenue loss;
  • Offer a fast, convenient, easy way for customers to schedule appointments;
  • Provide access to current scheduling and customer information for all employees, from work and home, as desired;
  • Manage work schedules, vacations, and holidays;
  • Create customized reports for record keeping and analysis;
  • Reduce the volume of customer phone calls to the business.

Thanks to modern technology, scheduling software is extremely affordable and can be tailored for use in almost any local business. It can be installed and implemented without the need for training or classes, and accessed via any web browser, even on mobile phones and tablets. Not only will it reduce the workload for those doing the scheduling, but it will also reduce stress, frustration, and loss of productivity caused by scheduling errors and uncertainties.

What Kind of Businesses Use Scheduling Software?

Scheduling software can benefit a wide variety of businesses, from restaurants and hair salons to plumbers and lawn maintenance services. Scheduling software can be used to:

  • Schedule appointments, make reservations, request services, or schedule repairs online without any need to tie up the phone line and one of your employees;
  • Gather customer contact information, to add to your marketing database;
  • Manage employee schedules and track overtime and time off;
  • Keep a record of employees and customers, so that complaints or praise can be credited to the appropriate employee;
  • Manage loyalty rewards programs and track customer history.

Basically, any kind of business that has employees and/or schedules appointments can benefit from scheduling software, from a one-person locksmith operation to an extensive mobile massage therapy service with dozens of employees. The cost of losing even one customer due to a scheduling mix-up is enough to make it worthwhile to invest in a scheduling program.