Austin is a hotspot for technology startups to start a business or open a new office. It has a thriving community and a lot of talented people are moving to Austin. In fact, it has become the fastest growing city in the U.S. with 110 people per day moving here. This has made it a great place to hire and grow a company, and the city to watch for new technology companies. Austin has a similar vibe to the Mission district in San Francisco and Brooklyn in New York, which happen to be two of the most popular locations for tech startups. Another feat that has put Austin on the map in the tech scene are the numerous popular festivals including SXSW.

We opened our Signpost Austin office in 2012 as our second company location after New York and before Denver. The Signpost Austin office culture is similar to the other offices reflecting our broader company culture. We have a young, hungry group of people that get along well inside and outside of work. This makes our happy hours, team events such as golf outings and bbqs, and day-to-day work a lot of fun. On top of that we take pride in having a big impact for small businesses and our company, encouraged by some healthy competition between offices and among each other.

Our Austin specific traditions have been initiated by different team members over time. For example, we have a ‘bring your dog to work’-day. As we work hard, we want the office to be a place where you want to be and can enjoy your days – what better than having man’s best friend on your side. As an extension of this weekly event we’ve also started a fund raiser for Austin Pets Alive.

We take advantage of local city events like Blues on the Green and Bat Fest and plan to do a tubing trip all together. Our office has a basketball hoop and ping pong table to play some games during breaks, and at the end of the day we open up our kegerator to celebrate the wins of the day. While all Signpost offices have individual songs when sales reps close a deal, Austin has the most country music songs by far.

As far as promising career perspectives, with a solid effort someone can rise to the top quickly. Top performers are provided great opportunities for growth in shorter timelines than any other company offers. In as little as a year, a top performer can be a leader on the sales floor and be offered opportunities on our management or national sales teams.

Our office has grown into an amazing group of bright and driven people with similar goals. We plan to grow our office substantially by the end of 2014. This means there will be more than double the people, double the number of deals being closed, double the amount of customer experience reps to support our clients and double the amount of wins to celebrate. It will be more and more fun as we grow. So if you are looking for a job at a growing startup in Austin and want to be part of an exciting team while having a big impact everyday, look at our job openings and consider starting your career at Signpost!