Our amazing account manager, Nhat!

As a local business owner, you’re constantly looking for ways to increase traffic for your business and to your business. As the digital world continues to advance, social media platforms have become integrated into many business’s marketing strategies as a way to market their products/services, promotional events, and build a strong brand. In particular, Facebook can help build a loyal, dedicated customer base that only a local business as yours can offer.

Our Facebook widget is a great way to promote your Signpost campaign on your individual social media platform! It places a “Special Offers” tab on your Facebook business page for consumers to learn more about the promotion you are running.

5 benefits of using the Facebook widget

1.       Exposure: Increases traffic to your campaign and helps convert that traffic to sales. It’s another online platform for people to find out about your promotion.

2.       Engagement: Connect with current and potential customers and direct attention to your promotion. Post a timeline comment directing viewers to the Special Offers promotion.

3.       Social Sharing: Encourage your fans to spread and share the campaign to their individual social networks, attracting new customers.

4.       Awareness: Increase “Likes” and awareness for your business –the more places your business can be found online, the better chance for exposure!

5.       Convenience: It takes 5 minutes to install and you get to keep 100% of revenue generated.


The Facebook Widget is easy to use and can easily convert potential customers into paying ones!

Don’t have a Facebook? It’s easy to create and can only help boost your business’s search engine optimization.

Worried that your existing customers will wish the promotion was applicable to them? Post updates on your business (events, current promotions, etc…) and interact with them in other ways. Get your current customers to share your business with their friends! This widget can only help to increase exposure for your campaign.

My personal experience? I’m more likely to a) try a business and b) return to a business that my friends share with me.

Help boost traffic, conversion, and sales to your campaign. Personalize your business’s Facebook page and add this useful widget!