SMS Marketing ListTo many, giving away your phone number may seem more personal than handing over an email address. But businesses that are able to convince customers to sign up for SMS marketing messages can enjoy engagement rates up to eight times higher than traditional email marketing. And text message marketing has a 20% average redemption rate, according to Moto Message.

Fortunately, there are many creative ways to encourage your customers to opt into an SMS marketing list—and you don’t have to add them manually. Signpost automatically captures phone numbers from your customers and remarkets to people who subscribe to your lists. Additionally, having a phone number list also comes in handy when tracking interactions and building relationships with customers. After all, you want to keep track of phone calls and notes from those calls so that you can build out efficient customer profiles.

Below are some tips on how to build up your SMS marketing list, so it can start generating new business for you.

1. Offer a discount

Everyone loves to save on purchases from their favorite businesses. One easy way to encourage existing customers to join your SMS marketing list is by offering a coupon or special offer to those who join your subscriber list. Businesses can also nudge customers to their next purchase by letting them know when limited time offers are happening, such as a flash deals. A marketing automation service like Signpost can make this even easier, by automating SMS discounts that are targeted to the right customers at the right time.

2. Keep them in the loop

Some business owners find that offering useful tips to customers who use their products or services via text can be a great way to get them to sign up. For instance, a seller of baby products might send alerts to remind parents when it’s time to get needed vaccines or an accountant might send notices to clients that important tax deadlines are approaching. The more useful and well-targeted the messages, the more likely customers will stay subscribed.

3. Make the most of public appearances.

If you do any public speaking to raise the profile of your business, offer interested participants a chance to try out your services by text message at the end of your presentation. For instance, if you’re a social media consultant who is speaking at the local library or a business group’s monthly meeting, offer a free, 15-minute phone consultation to people who text the word SOCIAL to you.

4. Hold a contest

Many people love the thrill of competing for prizes. Offer those who join your SMS marketing list a chance to win a gift certificate to your business. Giving away a $25 prize every month will only cost you $300 a year but could bring in many times that amount of revenue from customers who buy from you as a result of your SMS marketing.

5. Provide valuable content

If you’ve written a white paper or eBook to show your expertise, offer a free download to those who join your SMS marketing list. People who take the time to download material that showcases your subject-matter expertise probably aren’t doing so casually. That bodes well if you’re on the hunt for customers who are primed to buy—and what small business owner isn’t?

To see how Signpost can help your small business automate its SMS marketing, schedule a demo today.