Our awesome account manager, Danielle!

As a business owner it is essential to bring in new clients on a steady basis. Once you attain these customers you need to convert them to loyal consumers that will continue coming back and refer you to their social network. Through a newsletter you can keep your client base up to speed on new products and give them reasons to come back. At Signpost we make this super easy for our merchants to do!

The newsletter is only one of the tools we offer our merchants to easily expand their reach without having to increase their marketing budget. As a business owner you wear multiple hats and have little time to figure out how to work complicated online marketing tools. We understand that here at Signpost, and that is why we have created a tool that requires 2 steps to use! If you can copy and paste a code you can effectively market to your existing client base. There is no need to purchase a costly email program either, and if you already have one we will help you get even more use out of it! We will provide you with the code that you copy and paste into the body of the email (compatible with mailchimp, constant contact, gmail, or any other email program), after which the offer we have already created for you will populate. That is it, promise!newsletter3

We know how important it is to sound genuine and speak to your clients in your own personal tone. This is why we allow you to edit the description so that it is unique to your business. You can also put this right in the middle of a newsletter or email announcement that you normally send out.

Start using our newsletter tool today to improve your brand image, get increased exposure, create local buzz, and get the oh so priceless word of mouth referrals!

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