Austin #3

Geoff (left) with the rest of our Austin Team!

My name is Geoff Breneman and I am the Director of Sales in our Austin office. I started at Signpost in February of 2011 as our first Sales Representative. At the time we had 7 employees and a completely different product – consumer-sourced local deals. Fast-forward and things have changed – we are now approaching 100 employees and have a powerful merchant-facing product.

In the early days, my Signpost career started working side-by-side with our CEO, Stu Wall, to test and create the right sales strategies and best practices as a company. After much testing and continuous improvements, we were able to confidently begin growing a sales team in NYC.

As the first Sales Representative at Signpost I set myself up for success by taking ownership of developing our pitch growing our sales team. Within 15 months at Signpost, we grew our sales team to around 25 and astronomically improved our ability to sell. Signpost’s sales revenue increased month-over-month more than most companies would appreciate on an annual basis. With this, we saw a need to expand our sales team, and began exploring different places across the nation to do so.

In November of 2012 I moved to Austin, TX and opened our 2nd office. Austin was a clear choice for us based on the talented people the city attracts and the trending startup scene it has developed. #SXSW #keepaustinweird

Austin #2Our opinion of Austin has proven right in our first 7 months. Signpost Austin has grown to around 20 salespeople and a newly developing tech team. The people in this office are impressive, hard workers and ambitious to create value for the company.

Signpost Austin has been able to develop a similar culture to our NYC office and has become a fun place to work. In addition to hitting our sales goals each month since inception, we have a lot of fun with each other. Our office offers a work-hard-play-hard environment including a kegerator and ping pong table in the office, Thursday night kickball league, and regular team happy hours.

The next 6 months are exciting for our Austin office as we plan to double in size and provide a best-in-class sales team. Given our family-like culture in our office, the success will be largely celebrated! #signpostwins

Austin #1

Our Team Wins (#writingonthewall)