Brad Fights for SMB's

Brad is always fighting for SMB’s, no matter what it takes!

When I graduated from the University of Maryland in 2009, I was certain that I would become a criminal lawyer. Three years later, having just obtained my law degree, I no longer desired to pursue that path. For a couple of months I explored the job market, seeking a career I could be passionate about. I looked everywhere, considering all types of opportunities. Eventually, I recalled the primary reason I chose to pursue a career in criminal law to begin with: my confidence that so long as I believed in whatever I was presenting, I could sell a jury as well as anyone else could. Having remembered this, I began to consider a career in sales. If I believed in what I was selling, I thought, I could be a great salesman. Not too long after, I found myself on the training team at Signpost.

It took me a week or two to fully adjust to my new environment, but with the help of the Signpost team, the moment I found my footing I hit the ground running. I have since developed into a consistently productive member of the Signpost team. There is no doubt that this is the result of the support and guidance I received from the Signpost community. Each and every person at the office wanted me to succeed and helped me in any way they could. At the same time, however, I credit some of my success to the demeanor I acquired while going through law school. I was trained to critically analyze a situation, think outside the box for a solution, and quickly apply it to the problem. I was trained to ask questions, to listen, and to learn from others around me. Most importantly, I was trained that in order to truly master anything, you need to put in the requisite time and effort. I took this knowledge with me to Signpost and have applied it to my work every day. I will continue to do so until I have mastered it, and that is part of why I am so excited to come into work every morning. Certainly better than wearing a suit and tie, sitting at a quiet desk all day long.

Working for a startup like Signpost is unlike anything else I have previously experienced – and I had all sorts of internships throughout school. The office is constantly pulsating with a positive energy. Everybody around you is comfortable and happy to be there, yet works with a tenacity you can only find at a small business. There are fresh ideas and new challenges daily, and the opportunity for growth is always within your reach. All in all, it has been a very rewarding experience working at Signpost. I’m absolutely loving it here, and I recommend it to anyone who finds themselves in a similar situation to that which I found myself one year ago.