Why You Should Care About Facebook’s New Local DirectoryIt looks like Facebook has done it again. Not settling for being the most popular social networking site, Facebook’s updated – and more attractive – Places Directory may overtake the likes of Yelp and Foursquare as the favored local directory search. If your business page is still not listed on Facebook, this improvement should persuade you to make establishing and maintaining your local business’ presence on Facebook a priority.

Here are the aspects that make Facebook’s new Places Directory better.

Improved Search Functionality

The search experience is not only pleasing to the eye, but easy. The main directory is divided into three no-nonsense ways to search – whether you are looking up a particular business you already know the name of or simply searching for “bars” in the LA metro area, no query is too specific or too broad. The first segment allows you to type in a city name, leading you to a “Things to do in X” page. The second search option utilizes geolocation, featuring a selection of the top rated places in your current area. Finally, Places allows you to explore from a directory of cities all around the world, located at the bottom of the page.

Information From Your Network

Originally offering a lazy list of places by city, Places Directory upped its game and further integrated the social media aspect of Facebook to aid in your local search. Knowledge about your likes, your friends’ likes, and trending events all conglomerate to highlight the best places to go near you. Social factors even help filter your search results, such as only bringing up places that were liked by your friends.

Pretty And Intuitive Design

The popularity of apps like Instagram and Pinterest make it clear that beauty does in fact matter when it comes to social media – the more aesthetically pleasing, shareable content, the better. Facebook took note of this with its introduction of glossy cover images and tabbed interfaces arranged into six hashtag-friendly categories (Restaurants, Hotels, Bars, Cafes, Public Attractions, and Arts & Entertainment), a design leagues better than the original.

This all results in making the question, “Where should I go?” a lot easier to answer. If your local business does not have an established presence on this social media powerhouse, you are missing the opportunity to be the answer to that question.

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