If you’ve taken a peek at our website, watched our video, read our best practice guides, or even spoken to a Signpost sales rep recently, you may have heard about our “outcomes” guarantee*—an industry first for local businesses.

What are outcomes?

Simply put, outcomes are defined as measurable results. For local business owners, there are several key results that matter, and Signpost automatically drives the ones that matter the most:

  1. Reviews: A customer writes a positive review on Google+ or Yelp as a result of our automatically generated prompts.
  2. Testimonials: A customer responds to an automatically generated email asking for feedback on the business.
  3. New Customers: A customer claims an offer from a automatically generated new customer email.
  4. Referrals: An automated email is generated to encourage word-of-mouth traffic.
  5. Loyalty: A customer clicks “claim this offer” on an automatically generated loyalty email.  

Outcomes Should be the Only Metric That Matters

Generating Local Marketing OutcomesWhile outcomes can be defined as any of these different interactions, they all share one common characteristic: each should ultimately result in real returns on your investment in our platform. Why? Most simply, unlike generating a certain number of impressions or contacts, which similar small business marketing technologies will guarantee, Signpost’s outcomes are concrete indicators that your business is developing strong relationships with its customers, which is essential in creating new and repeat business. As this report shows, businesses which excel in developing relationships with customers at every stage of the sales funnel generate 50% more sales with 33% less cost.

Let’s Change Our Thinking

To really understand why Signpost’s outcomes are significant, it’s important to first understand why traditional advertising and marketing metrics such as impressions and contacts are not.

Impressions refer to the number of times an advertisement is displayed online. While exposure is never a bad thing, lots of impressions aren’t really a strong indicator of actual results for your business. We think it’s a “fluff” metric. Think about it. How many advertisements do you see online on a daily basis? Now think about how many of those advertisements you actually read, let alone click on. For the most part, people have been trained to tune online advertisement out. In fact, an estimate shows that it can take on average 1000 impressions of an ad to yield just one click (and a click doesn’t even necessarily result in a purchase). So guaranteeing impressions, or that an advertisement for your business will be shown online any given number of times, doesn’t amount to much.

There’s a similar problem with guaranteeing a certain number of new contacts gathered each month; while it’s great to have a large lead database, simply collecting a potential customer’s email or phone number doesn’t indicate that the person will ever interact with your business. Turning leads into paying customers requires a huge time commitment. In fact, it usually takes about 5 follow-ups to convert a single contact into a customer. Following up on hundreds or even thousands of leads, without an automated system like Signpost in place, is something that’s nearly impossible for a small business owner to find the time for when they have to focus on all of the aspects that go into running their business.

Real Indicators

By comparison, all of the outcomes that Signpost guarantees are real indicators that repeat and potential customers are engaging with your business and are primed to buy. Here’s why:

  • Reviews: Studies show that 81% of consumers conducts online research and 88% of consumers are influenced by online reviews when making purchasing decisions, and so a positive review on Yelp or Google+ will attract new customers to your business and help them choose you over the competition.
  • Testimonials: feedback submitted from one of your customers, whether positive or negative, will give you insight on how your business is performing, allowing you to address the concerns of unsatisfied customers and improve your services.
  • Claimed New Customer or Loyalty Offers: which Signpost can automatically generate through email and SMS (text messaging) and target to the appropriate contacts, show that customers are reading your messages and have the intent of transacting with your business.
  • Claimed Referral Offers: not only show you that new customers are ready to transact, but also that your repeat customers think your business is worthy enough to recommend  to a friend or family member, creating coveted and essential word of mouth traffic.

For all of these reasons, Signpost is proud to be the first and only automated marketing platform to guarantee outcomes for small businesses.* Are you as excited as we are? Do you want to learn more? Schedule a demo today.

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