Few businesses are immune to seasonality. Adapting to the changes in consumer behavior that various times of the year usher in presents a huge advantage for savvy businesses. For education and tutoring this season means one thing: Summer Vacation. As the official end of the academic year it’s a natural time to reflect back and evaluate the past year, as well as identify goals for the upcoming school year.

Honing Future Marketing Strategy

The first step in planning ahead and coordinating future marketing efforts, is actually taking a look back. Evaluate the campaigns and advertising that you invested in over the past month, quarter, and year, and the amount of business that each has contributed to. This requires meticulous Education Summer Strategytracking and resources in the form of analytics. Determine how many leads each campaign brings in, and how many of those you’ve been able to convert into pupils. To assist with this we’ve created this handy evaluation checklist, which also includes a factsheet with industry benchmarks for a variety of vital marketing metrics (you can also check out this post for tips on evaluating email campaigns).

Keep an eye out for areas that can be improved upon and identify areas of opportunity, moving forward. Flag campaigns or tactics that were successful and consider extending their run.  Or, try developing fresh ideas and angles for these best-performing campaigns in order to double-down on these efforts and investments. Creating a schedule of all future campaigns, promotions, and ads will ensure that you stay on track throughout the busy school year, no matter what. This will also allow you to create a high-level strategy, with an eye on holidays, school breaks, and curriculums to ensure your messaging is timely, topical, and relevant.

Find ways to emphasize your differentiators that make your approach and philosophy special and unique. Express these (especially your philosophy) candidly and honestly and parents will respond to that authenticity by placing their trust in your business. As you well know, guardians are never shy when it comes to insisting on a myriad of topics and tactics they want their children to be exposed to and surrounded by. So the more you can do to clearly define your approach and plug into these motivations, the better your brand will succeed in reaching and attracting interested leads.

Identifying Summer Opportunities

Just because school is on a temporary hiatus, it doesn’t mean your business needs to do the same. As you know, there are no lack of studies proving the importance that summer programs can have on a student’s comprehension, development and progression. By identifying these, and educating parents on the benefits of summer tutoring camps, you can ensure your classes remain full, and students are empowered to advance and succeed in the coming year.

Perhaps most important of all, summer education can do wonders for a child’s confidence and sense of self-worth. Many educators agree that summer tutoring can help to bridge the gap between grade levels, and provide an opportunity to review material covered in the past year that may not have been mastered originally, but is necessary foundation for next year’s curriculum. Issues with self-esteem and perception can plague students and impair their performance and trajectory for the longterm. Working in smaller groups, with improved ratios of teachers to students can cultivate confidence and security in their comprehension and grasp of subjects. Students lose a month of subject knowledge, on average, during the summer, so even without any obvious gaps, it’s beneficial to reinforce the previous teachings to ensure lessons don’t get rusty in the interim!

Differentiate in targeted “summercamp” packages

Don’t be afraid to create fun and engaging programs to help apply and experience lessons in real life. Incorporating playtimes will help keep students motivated who may otherwise view summer sessions as punishment. Bring this sense of fun and hands-on learning into your messaging and the types of packages you offer in order to speak to your engaging direction.

Consider offering camps or packages that are highly targeted to build foundational skill sets. This can help to drill down on what study styles and learning methods work best on an individual-specific basis. Employing rigor around such processes and discipline will remain critical to the way students learn for the rest of their lives.

Summer is also a great time to get a head start on prep for standardized testing (SAT/ACT) when students are unencumbered by their usual studies and workloads. They’ll be free to fully focus and prepare for these tests. Once again, this instills a sense of confidence to feel fully prepared, and helps to combat testing anxiety. This doesn’t need to be limited to national college boards; you can also offer training and tutoring for whichever applicable state tests apply in your area.

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