In a city as vast as New York, getting exposure for a small business can be especially daunting. Every block is filled with an abundance of hair salons, grocery stores, restaurants, boutiques, and more, making it challenging to differentiate one’s business from the competition and get repeat customers through the door. Humberto Toledo is a New York City-based Signpost merchant who faced just such a challenge. The owner of Premier Integrative Medicine, a one-on-one acupuncture diagnosis and treatment center, Humberto was looking for a new way to market his business online.

A passionate and seasoned acupuncturist, Humberto has completed more than 3,500 treatments during his career, including everything from stress relief to back pains, and even seasonal allergies. His training comes directly from the developers of multiple acupuncture styles including Kiiko Matsumoto, American Physical Medicine, and Traditional Chinese Medicine, providing him with a more intuitive and integrative way of approaching and applying acupuncture to assist the body in healing. Many of his new clients have commented on his deep knowledge of the practice, and the time he takes in providing an informative and beneficial treatment. On Yelp, patient Ria S. remarked “I ‘heart” Premier Integrative Medicine.  Humberto is fantastic!  He’s smart. He’s patient. And he gets results.   This was my first experience with acupuncture and I could not more strongly recommend Premier. If you’re at all curious about acupuncture and looking for a great practitioner you should make this your first stop.”

Premier Integrative has two locations, one in Gramercy and another in Midtown. Like so many other small businesses in New York, his offices are found behind the walls of a larger complex, making it difficult to draw in foot traffic. This is where Signpost has helped him the most. Since signing up, Humberto has run six campaigns for a variety of treatments, bringing in about 5-6 new patients a month. Humberto plans to continue working with Signpost, the first and only online marketing platform he has used, to help grow and expand his thriving New York City business.

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