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Signpost fights for small, local businesses. Here we give our perspective on new developments in the local industry, and share our thoughts on how local businesses are affected by these new tools, features and innovations.

Local Businesses: Using Snapchat’s New “Snap Map” to Acquire New Customers

Since announcing the launch of the new “Snap Maps” last Wednesday, fans of the popular social network have been hooked on the new feature. Borrowing popular concepts from the once-reigning Foursquare, Snapchat doubles down on FOMO-inducing photos and video clips… Continue Reading →

New: Grow Your Marketing Lists with IVR, Self-Upload, Opt-in Signs, and Signpost Digital Advertising

The most vital asset to any marketing strategy is your customer list. After all, what would your marketing efforts look like without anyone to send promotions, product updates and other relevant, actionable communications? Even as the industry continues to evolve, email… Continue Reading →

Top 2017 Trends for Local Marketing Agencies: Artificial Intelligence

As we go into the final day of February, we inch one step closer to the warm weather of Springtime, and start to evaluate our business’s start to 2017. It’s easy to be reflective and full of the best intentions… Continue Reading →

Everything Local Business Owners Need To Know About The New Google Maps

You might’ve heard the buzz around Google’s announcement of improved advertising for local businesses looking to get more leverage out of Google Maps beyond the organic, local 3-pack. This next generation of Google Maps advertising is going to suher in a significant… Continue Reading →

How Your Local Business Can Use Pokémon GO To Drive More Customers In-Store

Since being released last week to much fanfare, Pokémon GO has quickly become a sensation. The game app applies augmented reality to allow players to hunt around their neighborhood and beyond in pursuit of Pokémon to catch, train and go head-to-head… Continue Reading →

Meet Mia: A New Way To Connect With Customers

Last month Mia was born. You might have read about it in some leading media outlets, but now that she’s arrived, we wanted to introduce you to her ourselves. Drum roll, please… Mia is the world’s first artificially intelligent marketing… Continue Reading →

Everything You Know About Local Advertising Is Wrong

If you’ve taken a peek at our website, watched our video, read our best practice guides, or even spoken to a Signpost sales rep recently, you may have heard about our “outcomes” guarantee*—an industry first for local businesses. What are… Continue Reading →

The Future of Internet According to Google CEO – Nothing

When Google CEO Eric Schmidt told panel members at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland last month that the Internet would likely disappear in the not too distant future, he stirred up a hornet’s nest of speculation. It all… Continue Reading →

Google Enters the Domain Atmosphere with Google Domains

If you’re looking to purchase a domain and wondering where to start, why not start with Google? No, we’re not suggesting you should Google a bunch of prospective domain names to see if someone already owns them. Now you can… Continue Reading →

Google’s Response to Yahoo & Mozilla Deal: Here’s How to Switch Back

After a ten-year mutually beneficial partnership, Mozilla Corporation announced this past November that it was giving Google the old heave ho as the global search partner for its Firefox browser platform. The move immediately caused a shake-up in the search community,… Continue Reading →