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Webinar: SMS and Other Business Resources

Learn how Signpost can help you communicate with your customers using text messaging, along with valuable resources available to your business offered by the SBA, Google, and Facebook.

Signpost Quarterly Newsletter

By several measures, 2018 looks set to go down as the strongest year in Signpost’s history. The company attained cashflow break-even for the first time in November, well ahead of plan. Our core SMB business is pacing to 43% year-over-year… Continue Reading →

Part 3: The Future of Local Business with Andrew Mondi

In the world of Amazon, IKEA, and Best Buy, the local business is at a crossroads. It’s no longer enough to merely offer a product. You’ve got to set yourself apart.  But how do you do that? On the most recent… Continue Reading →

Part 2: The Future of Local Business Featuring Dave Wachtendonk

Consider how much time could be saved if local businesses didn’t have to worry about sending that follow-up coupon or new customer offer. There seem to be hundreds of automated tasks that every small business owner needs to put in… Continue Reading →

Recreation Businesses: Lessons Learned from the Online Reputation of Top U.S. National Parks

Hard to believe, but summer is just around the corner! With the weather heating up and children soon breaking from school, outdoor recreation businesses are poised to see an annual influx of visitors over the next few months, ready to… Continue Reading →

The Art of Local: A Conversation With Christy Seal, Owner of My Best Buddy Dog Training Studio

“We fight for small businesses.” This is the first line of our mission statement at Signpost, and it greets us on a wall in our offices every morning when we walk through the door. More than just our customers, the… Continue Reading →

Email and SMS Marketing Automation: Local Business Differentiators

Both email marketing and SMS marketing can be great ways to stay top of mind with customers—if you keep up with these efforts. Of course, when you run a small business, staying on top of marketing efforts is no small task. Fortunately,… Continue Reading →

Marketing Automation 101 for Local Businesses

While marketing automation has been a hot topic for some time, a recent survey found that 98 percent of small businesses owners are shopping for marketing automation software for the first time. Searching for the right automation tool as a small business… Continue Reading →

The Future of Local Advertising: 2016 and Beyond

BIA Kelsey, the leading research and advisory company focused on local advertising and marketing, recently launched one of its two annual local advertising forecasts for 2016. This provides a complete overview of U.S. local advertising trends. While BIA/Kelsey’s forecast is primarily… Continue Reading →

Testimonials: Ask and Ye Shall Receive

To quote social media expert Brian Solis, “Welcome to a new era of marketing and service, in which your brand is defined by those who experience it.” The digital age has made it easier for consumers to research information on… Continue Reading →