Our awesome summer interns!

Hello blog readers! Deanna and Aneesha here – we’re the Signpost summer interns. Deanna attends NYU Gallatin School of Individualized Study, and she is concentrating on Marketing/Advertising and Food Philosophy. Aneesha is a rising sophomore at Columbia and is concentrating in Business Management.

When we first started at Signpost, we had no idea what to expect. As soon as you walk through the orange elevator doors into the office, you’re hit by a blast of phones ringing, sales reps pitching, music playing, etc. The environment was upbeat and energetic, and everyone was eager to help us get settled in right away so we could be a part of the Signpost family.

Every day at Signpost we are exposed to both the ups and downs of what it takes to make this startup flourish. We’re always learning the latest marketing strategies and the most effective tools for building platforms for small businesses. Between the Article of the Day (3 pm sharp!) and frequent email updates from the team, not a day goes by where we don’t learn something new.

We have multiple daily tasks to keep us busy and out of the popsicles in the freezer. One main component of our position is answering customer service calls with the account managers. This has really taught us how to keep the merchants happy and think on our feet! Having to answer other peoples’ questions about Signpost also requires that we know in-depth information about the company, and while this was intimidating at first, it has gotten easier with experience and the guidance of our awesome AM team.

Aside from phone calls, we are also responsible for compiling copies of campaigns, selecting photos for new deals, and general research. We would say one of the most exciting parts of our job has been working on the launch of the Saveable Offer product. The Marketing/AM team gave us a lot of responsibility regarding the Saveables, and we have been fortunate enough to play a large role in the implementation of these new deals. Now, we take the lead on creating drafts for the Saveable Offers and we feel confident in helping create and design the most effective campaigns for our merchants.

So besides the fact that we’ve both realized the 2:30 pm slump is a very real struggle, and the fact that we’re currently listening to Drew (our Coordinator of Operations/House Singer) belting Rolling in the Deep, and the fact that we hear Holy Grail about nine times a day, we absolutely love working at Signpost. This has been a fun and educational environment for the both of us, full of people who are passionate about the company and excited about the growth Signpost has already had and will continue to have. Thank you team for making this a great summer experience!