With a vast array of ways to connect with customers in the digital age, and multiple locations for franchisors to keep a handle on, managing marketing efforts across multiple locations presents a number of challenges. How, then, do franchisors make sure they have the right technologies in place to support their franchisees marketing efforts? Our latest eBook, a “Digital Marketing Guide for Franchises,” outlines some tactics for ensuring that each franchise is set up to drive new business and repeat purchases. Highlights of the guide can be found below.Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 10.47.09 AM

Generate Organic Traffic: Today’s businesses are required to have a digital footprint, and it’s not enough just to have a website. An estimated 81% of customers conduct online research before buying, so maintaining a strong presence on heavily frequented social channels like Google+, Facebook, and Yelp is imperative. An automated marketing technology like Signpost can ensure that each franchisee’s social channels not only have a robust and consistent digital brand presence, but that their reviews are consistently up-to-date. 

Foster Customer Relationships: Digital tools can ensure that franchises not only increase in-store traffic, but also keep customers coming back. Technologies, like Signpost, can easily encourage reviews, referrals, and repeat purchases through automated re-marketing emails, which is critical for maintaining strong customer relationships.

Location Monitoring: Keeping track of the franchisee’s most important asset (their customer data) is tricky, especially with disparate sources, but digital tools can make the process as easy as a few clicks. As an example, Signpost offers robust master reporting which displays information like the total customer base, total number of customer actions, and total number of customer email opens across all locations. Having quick and seamless access to the information on an aggregate or individual franchise basis allows franchisor’s to track growth and customer habits on both a macro and micro level, respectively.

With these tactics, franchisors can make sure they own both their franchisees and their technology framework for growing their business. Click here to download the full eBook, “A Digital Marketing Guide for Franchises.”