5 Reasons Why Email Newsletters Are So Popular Right NowAnd the hottest new marketing tool is — the email newsletter? That’s right, despite the unfortunate rush for some Internet pundits to label email a dying medium, it’s not only alive and well, it’s trending. And the latest popular trend right now is email newsletters.

Email newsletters are exclusive — some of the most popular ones have people literally begging to sign up for them. They’re effective because they’re going to a captive audience. They’re cross-platform because pretty much everyone has email. They’re convenient to read and now thanks to MailChimp’s new Snap tool, they can be quickly put together and sent out from a mobile phone.

1. They’re Exclusive

When you sign up for an email newsletter you’re basically joining a group of people with similar interests. You’re getting to read something that’s being published only for you and the others in your group, not posted on some mass media platform. If you don’t sign up for the newsletter, if you don’t join this exclusive group of like-minded people you won’t be privy to the information that’s being shared and you might miss out on something.

2. They’re Effective

Email marketing is basically targeted at people that have indicated that they’re interested in your products and services by signing up for your newsletter. That means they’re much more likely to open it than just any unsolicited email. With Facebook’s feed filters, you can’t be sure of anyone seeing your posts anymore but email is a sure thing. Of course, the size of the audience is limited to the size of your mailing list, but it’s a much more targeted audience.

3. Everyone has Email

There are so many different platforms, and so many different apps these days. Are your customers on Facebook, are they on Twitter? What about Instagram, Foursquare, LinkedIn, Pinterest? It gets confusing — and expensive — to try to keep up with all the different possibilities for marketing your local business. The one common link is email; so while convincing someone to give you their email address might be a little more difficult than getting them to like you on Facebook, it’s a sure way to make a connection.

4. They’re Convenient

Not everyone has time to check their various social media platforms to catch up on the latest and greatest but pretty much everyone checks their email at least once a day. That’s why Facebook and Twitter have started sending email summaries of activity on users’ accounts to try to lure them to those sites. It’s much more convenient to get information from your inbox than visiting various social media sites or blogs.

So when you’re considering a social media marketing campaign, don’t forget about the original social media — email. Email is alive and well and becoming more important than ever, as consumers tire of the proliferation of social media sites on the web. Got a message? Put it in a letter, an email newsletter.