5 Mistakes Local Businesses Make With SMS Marketing

SMS marketing is becoming an increasingly popular way to keep your business top of mind. Consumers almost always open these messages, and its an easy way to maintain contact with your consumer base. Avoid these mistakes and watch your one time clients turn into loyal clients. Everyone knows it is easier to keep a client happy than to find a new one, so being as efficient and effective as possible in your marketing efforts is key. Avoid these mistakes and enjoy all the repeat business you will see when you employ SMS marketing as a strategy.

Not having Permission

Make sure before you text your audience that you have made sure that they have opted-in. The TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act), enacted in October 2013, states that prior to sending any SMS communication, the business owner must have expressed written consent from that consumer. The consumer must know that their phone number will be used to send messages their way. So, even if you gather a client’s phone number at some point during the transaction, that consumer must consent to the use of that number for the purpose of SMS or you are acting outside the law. Furthermore, a prior business relationship with that consumer is no longer an exemption to the TCPA. A client base that has opted-in will not only keep you within the law, but the fact that people have opted-in will make your campaign more successful as well.

Not Simple Enough

Keep your messages concise and to the point. 98% of all text messages are opened and read, so make sure that your message is simple. Remember, the SMS can’t be more than 130 characters. Using lots of verbs will help keep messages simple. By starting your message with a verb, you will inspire your consumers to take action. Save! Buy! Drink! etc. Get creative with your messages, but keep them short and sweet. This will help your conversion go through the roof. 98% of the time people are reading these messages, make them captivating by making them simple.

Bad Timing

Make sure that the messages you send are at the perfect time for the consumer. Unlike email, these messages will be read pretty quickly, so timing is key. Studies have shown that cell phones are used most between the hours of noon and 6 pm. Make sure that you are sending the message at a relevant time for your consumer. Also, avoid sending messages on Mondays if possible, as people are often busiest on Mondays.

No “Sender”

Make sure in the text of the message you are stating who is offering the special. When these messages are received it is often from a 5 digit number, so seeing something like “receive 10$ off your next service” without knowing which business sent it is kind of a silly mistake. It happens all of the time though because business owners aren’t used to the 5 digit code that their messages are coming from. Add the business name in the beginning of the message, and sit back and watch those consumers come back with your offer.

No Call to Action

SMS marketing is a brilliant way to personalize a message that you know will be seen. Make sure you are leveraging this to bring people into your door. Make sure you are incentivizing your audience whether its through a promo, a free add-on, or telling them about an event at your location. The whole objective of SMS marketing is to increase repeat business, and what better way than to incentivize your client to come back and refer their friends! This is the perfect opportunity for you to get these local consumers in your door, so make sure you make them WANT to come back!

In conclusion, SMS marketing is a tremendously effective way of making your clients into loyal clients.  Be diligent in sending your messages and creative with the content, and you will see a great conversion rate. Using this technology the right way will help you become that more effective in your marketing, which should be huge for your bottom line. Happy Texting!