Hello all! Welcome back to the second edition of the Signpost Monthly Industry News Roundup. In addition to bringing us the Spring season, March has also brought a great mix of important news stories, opinions and advice for small business owners. 

For many small businesses a Spring cleaning is a great way to revitalize energy and boost creativity. Taking a different look at your business and understanding what you can add or improve on to keep up with the customer is extremely important. You will find some great tips on things you should be doing online as well as things you can do to more effectively market your business. 

We mentioned in last month’s Industry News Roundup that Twitter’s self-service ad platform was coming to small businesses sometime in March. It is now available to the first batch of small businesses notified by American Express, and the number of eligible businesses will increase throughout the next weeks. We will also see the launch of Paypal Here, PayPal’s new service allowing merchants to accept payments using an iPhone. On March 30th, Facebook will require all businesses small, medium or large to switch over to the Timeline Feature for company pages. Small businesses will need to increase engagement on Facebook, otherwise Timeline will show off that they haven’t touched their page. Lastly, Google has been offering a free website to small businesses as they found 97% of Americans use the internet to buy local products and services. 

We hope that you enjoy these reads and take a few tips with you. Don’t forget to check back for next month’s Industry News Roundup!

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