Yelp is an online review guide that helps consumers connect with local businesses. With an average of 132 million visitors during the first quarter of 2014, it is an important—and rapidly growing—source for local business information.

Yelp is not only valuable as a stand-alone website and mobile app—it also integrates closely with other websites and search engines. Yelp has recently established partnerships with Yahoo Local and MapQuest  which makes Yelp even more integral to your business’ online presence.

Yahoo Local’s Role in Getting Your Business Found

Yahoo Local is an online local business directory that allows local businesses to enter their business information and have it seen by millions of potential customers.

As a search engine, Yahoo indexes business contact information and presents it to potential customers. This business information is sourced from Yahoo Local. For instance, when a customer enters “hair salons near me” into Yahoo’s search bar, their search will return a list of hair salons near them along with each business’ relevant contact information. This includes street address, phone number, hours of operation, web address, ratings and general salon information.

Since searches for local businesses on Yahoo are fueled by Yahoo Local listings, it is important that your business listing is correct. Yahoo has an approximate 12% share of the search market which means millions of people can see your business listing.

Yahoo Local’s partnership with Yelp began in March 2014. With this partnership, Yelp information—ratings, reviews and user photos—will feed into Yahoo search results for local businesses on smartphones, computers or tablets.  The photo below illustrates how Yelp listing information appears on Yahoo and Yahoo Local:

Yahoo Local’s Role in Getting Your Business Found


Although this partnership provides a way to consolidate reviews and take advantage of Yelp’s robust ratings database, it presents one major problem. Before the partnership, Yahoo used to compile their user reviews via Yahoo Local. Many businesses built up an impressive amount of user reviews, but now, some local business are finding that Yahoo did not archive these reviews. As a result, many businesses with a lot of reviews on Yahoo Local have lost years of positive reviews and hard work. Once a business receives a review on Yelp, their Yahoo Local reviews effectively disappear forever. Consolidating or archiving reviews would have been useful. Some who have experience this problem suggest taking screenshots of your positive Yahoo Local reviews before they disappear. Regardless, Yelp seems to be the way of the future so a transition is necessary sooner than later.

MapQuest’s Role in Getting Your Business Found

MapQuest is a free online mapping service provided by AOL. It allows users to find step-by-step driving directions or to search for points of interest. MapQuest is similar to Yahoo in this sense, as a user can enter “hair salons near me” in MapQuest, and the results will yield nearby hair salons with relevant information. This also includes street address, phone number, hours of operation, web address, ratings and general salon information.

In an effort to gain market share in the wake of Google Maps and Apple Maps, MapQuest has been working to improve and update their user experience. According to comScore, MapQuest is the #3 mobile app and is the #2 map service for desktop users. With a recently updated website and iPhone application, MapQuest has been looking to improve upon their already considerable success, and their partnership with Yelp has helped them along this path.

MapQuest’s partnership with Yelp commenced a few months ago. The partnership outfits MapQuest local search queries across the web and mobile with Yelp ratings, reviews, and user photos. The photo below illustrates how Yelp listing information appears on MapQuest:

MapQuest’s Role in Getting Your Business Found

Make Sure Your Local Business’ Information is Correct on Yelp

Yelp’s partnership with Yahoo Local and MapQuest substantially increases the visibility of Yelp reviews. Consequently, it is more important than ever to make sure that you claim and update your business’ information on Yelp.

Much of your business’ online listings feed into other online directories, maps and services, so it is crucial that your listings are both present and correct across the board. If you would like a rundown of the benefits of Google+, Facebook and Yelp listings for local businesses, please check out our blog post.