Yellow Pages Marketing: YP Search For Search Engine Marketing

Local businesses wanting to test the waters of search engine marketing may be understandably overwhelmed by the many choices of programs and platforms vying for their advertising dollars.  Marketing experts recommend running campaigns on Google, Bing and Yahoo, but managing multiple campaigns at once can be mind-boggling, not to mention a drain on the budget.  YP now offers a solution.

In recent weeks, YP rolled out ypSearch, a new product designed with small local business owners in mind.  With 80 million monthly visitors, alone is a terrific platform for generating leads for small-business advertisers.  Rather than simply advertising on, however, businesses who sign on with ypSearch will also see their ads run concurrently on the other three major search engines.

One-Stop Shop for Local Advertising

Local businesses as well as large brands wanting to infiltrate local markets will find a veritable one-stop shop with ypSearch, which allows marketers to manage an online advertising campaign across multiple platforms at once.  YP’s massive sales force will not only assist in setting up and managing campaigns, but will also track them and provide reports on their effectiveness, all while keeping strictly within an established budget.  According to YP execs, there will be no further need for advertisers to run individual campaigns on different search engines.

Strategic Partnerships

How is YP able to manage this cross-platform advertising?  Though new to the search engine game, YP maintains strategic partnerships with the “big three.”  Formerly AT&T Advertising Solutions and AT&T Interactive, YP proclaims itself as the first Google reseller, and is currently one of the largest Google AdWords Premier SMB Partners.  As for the other two search engines, YP is also a Yahoo Bing Network Strategic Ambassador.

Hands-On Support

While many of the tasks required to build and maintain a campaign across multiple search sites at once will be automated by YP’s new optimization engine, advertisers will also get hands-on support from a team of consultants to help optimize their individual campaigns and get the most from their advertising budget.

Search at

According to a recent comScore study commissioned by YP, users who conducted searches at were more influenced by advertising they saw there than those searching on other platforms.  Results showed that 66 percent of searchers made a purchase afterwards, and 61 percent searched for a business they saw in an advertisement on the site.

YP Search may never give Google a run for the money, and Yahoo and Bing will no doubt fight tooth and nail to hold on to their market shares, but for small local businesses looking for a way to get into search engine marketing without spending a small fortune or hiring a team of marketing managers, this new development could prove to be most helpful.