During the winter season, it is common to yearn for the bright and cheery atmosphere of spring. This green sweater from dh inc is a fresh take on a classic look that hints towards that inner longing. Paired with white tights or a similar pair of light-colored pants, this top will help to brighten up any dreary winter day by summoning up the images of life, grass, and green leaves associated with spring. Every woman’s closet could use a fresh dose of color during the winter months, and this lively shirt is a way to include that into her wardrobe. When it comes to accessories, this sweater is as versatile as it is classic. The simple knitted pattern allows it to be combined with a variety of jewelry. Larger fashion pieces on the ears, throat, or wrists will add a funky casual vibe, while smaller pieces will highlight the timeless elegance of the shirt. From dresshead inc