Lots of exciting things are happening at Signpost these days, one of which is that we’re moving offices in a few weeks, since we can’t squeeze one more person in our current space. Since moving can be a complicated and sometimes overwhelming process, we thought we’d share our own personal experience in the hope that you’ll find it helpful should you ever need to move your own business.


Once we started our search, we decided the most important factor to consider was, as the old adage goes, “location, location, location.” We were lucky enough to find an old converted chocolate factory two blocks from our current office which means the move won’t disrupt our team’s commute too much.  Better yet, the open layout of the old factory allowed us to be creative with layout, optimize the space for our needs, and allow us to grow.  Location is even more important if you are a local business. Think about your client demographics when deciding on a location and assess factors that might not be immediately apparent (such as construction in the neighborhood, traffic rules, and complementary or competitive businesses that are planning to move in nearby) or any other issues that could potentially affect customer contact.


In addition to the physical layout of the space, we paid close to attention to how our new office would aesthetically reflect who we are as a company. We wanted an office that would foster collaboration and productivity, but also one that would make our team look forward to coming to work every day. We designated a substantial common area where our team could unwind, brainstorm together, and share meals. As important as the physical aspects of the new space were to us, we felt that finding an office capable of enhancing the culture of Signpost would enhance our work as well.


Finally, a part of the process that all small businesses have to carefully consider is the matter of price. In weighing different options for our move, we consciously factored in potential hidden expenses such as utilities, electrical wiring, and technological upgrades. The costs of building out your space can quickly add up and are best addressed before signing a lease.


For small businesses, finding the right commercial space can be a daunting task. By conducting the proper due diligence and making full use of the resources available to you, you can find a space that ends up transforming your business. We’re really excited about moving into the new office. Stay tuned for pictures as the Signpost team settles in to our new home.