IMG_9072Joanna Tang is the Strategy and Sales Ops Manager at Signpost. She was formerly a consultant at A.T. Kearney. She is an avid traveler, shopper, New Yorker, and dog enthusiast.

When I’m asked about my transition from consulting to startup, I think most people expect a scathing review about my previous work. Truth is, the two industries share many of the same qualities that I enjoy: learning a lot very quickly, being surrounded by smart and hardworking people, and strongly emphasizing practical solutions and immediate impact. At the same time, there are differences that I’ve enjoyed and found entertaining, from using Yammer to vote on our next keg to wearing sundresses when it’s just too hot for suits.

Coming from consulting I knew I enjoyed data-driven analysis and strategy development, but needed experience in implementation to truly progress in my career. As the Strategy and Sales Operations Manager at Signpost, I touch every aspect of sales operations including lead generation and optimization, sales compensation and incentives, and technology and tools. This level of responsibility and type of work would appeal to those who are highly successful in consulting but hungry for more.

Working in a startup is no less challenging, but the opportunity to truly develop as a professional is unmatched. Since joining Signpost I have been able to launch several initiatives, test my ability to execute, and work side by side our team of senior executives. If this sounds like something that interests you, feel free to reach out on LinkedIn and I’ll be happy to share my experiences!