As we go into the final day of February, we inch one step closer to the warm weather of Springtime, and start to evaluate our business’s start to 2017. It’s easy to be reflectiveScreen Shot 2017-02-27 at 3.57.21 PM and full of the best intentions as we embark on a new year, but it’s important that we not lose focus of annual goals and the tools or tactics required to meet (and exceed) them.

This week, we’re sharing one of the trends we’re most looking forward to seeing developed by businesses and the agencies that empower them in the coming months: Artificial Intelligence. As this exciting new trend starts to mature and valuable applications are more clearly defined, there is no limit to the impact this innovation is bound to have on the way businesses engage with their customers. As outlined in a recent Forbes article on AI, “Artificial intelligence as a tool is a better focus for the technology than [some future destroyer of tech jobs and perhaps the world]”.

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Trend #5: AI Will Supercharge Customer Acquisition and Retention

Data fuels AI, so remember that the output is only ever as good as what you put in. This has been the catalyst for raising awareness about the importance of best practices when approaching data collection, maintenance, processing, and cleansing. This can prove to be a challenge for companies looking to leverage AI. However, once this is achieved, brands will gain unparalleled insight into their customer trends, and the best way to keep them engaged and returning.

AI can take a lot of the manual and specialized tasks off of business owners’ plates. For example, Mia takes data from over 23 million customers, identifies and learns from their buying behaviors and identifies opportunities. She then automatically creates the perfect email campaign, sent at the optimal time, in order to prompt a customer to transact or leave your business a five-star review. Her suggested offers can save owners 45 minutes on average, and she collects and keep a perfect customer record for anyone that calls emails or transacts at their business. The result of such AI applications on the local level means maximum impact with minimum effort.

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