Signpost Dashboard - Overview

I want to officially welcome everyone to the new Signpost!

Working with local businesses over the last several years has been a truly eye-opening experience. The number one pain point we hear again and again is the lack of time that business owners have to attract and retain quality customers. This has informed our mission to empower local businesses as well as guide how we expand as a company.

With this in mind, we are unveiling a new era for Signpost today. One in which local businesses can effortlessly build lasting customer relationships.

The new Signpost, which is available for independent and franchise local business owners nationwide, combines automated marketing and customer relationship management (CRM). Signpost Dashboard - Top CustomersOur smart front office software enables seamless capture of email, phone, social media and in-person transaction data to build customer profiles. Based on this customer data, the right message (context and time-dependent email and SMS messages) is automatically sent for the merchant to boost sales, online reviews, and word-of-mouth.

Read our press release here, or take a deeper look at some of the new features of our patent-pending solution below to see how the new Signpost builds and manages customer relationships without taking time away from the work day.

Patent-Pending Product Feature Highlights

  • Automatic data collection for every call, email, and credit card transaction
  • Data is cross-referenced in an automated CRM platform to form comprehensive customer profiles
  • Timely messages are sent on merchant’s behalf to drive purchases, reviews and referrals
  • Merchants get real-time spending behavior for every customer in actionable digests to uncover business trends and their best clients

If you are a local business, we look forward to working for you!

UPDATE: Check out some of the great press coverage of our launch including Business Insider, New York Business Journal, Streetfight and more in our press room here.


Stuart Wall
CEO, Signpost