If you haven’t heard, Signpost is hiring!  We are building a world-class team in New York, Austin and Denver. Being a major contributor at an early stage startup like Signpost is an accomplishment that will last a lifetime, so seize the moment and make sure you are fully prepared for your interview.

Step 1:  Due Diligence!!!

Phone interviews are not just informative conversations.  The interviewer is looking to have a high level conversation with you about your background, and why you are a good fit for the organization.  To have a high level conversation, you need to familiarize yourself with the organization.  Not only should you review the company website, but know its content.  Know the product, know the company, and know the job.  Don’t just perform a Google search, check out the backgrounds of the people who founded the organization and who work there via LinkedIn to familiarize yourself with their story.  Review outside published articles or any recent news on the organization.  Keep in mind that more recent news is more relevant than articles from a few years back.

Step 2: Have a meaningful conversation.

Phone interviews at Signpost normally last around 15 minutes or so and tech interviews last around an hour, which gives you a limited amount of time to impress the interviewer.  Make sure you are having a back and forth conversation, as it should never be one sided.  At Signpost we are looking for people who act like owners.  You should be able to convey this trait over the phone!

Step 3: Sell us on you!

Why should we hire you?  How are you going to contribute to our organization?  Why should we hire you over another applicant?  These are questions that the interviewer is going to want to have answers for, even if you are not asked those questions directly.  Make sure you not only sell us, but also close us on your abilities.  Working at a startup like Signpost isn’t just a job, but a career.  You should be able to sell us that you are the right person for our organization.

Step 4: Prepare as you would for an in-person meeting.

A phone interview is a great opportunity, so make sure you are completely prepared.  If you are interested in a career at Signpost, you are already taking the right steps by reading this article.  Make sure that you find a quiet place to take your call without interruptions and that you have plenty of time to have a conversation.  You should also act as enthusiastic as you would be in person – this will come across very positively over the phone.  Make sure you emote your tone.  It may help to actually stand up.

Good Luck!